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Amphiist 78: Amphiist Entertainment

Amphiist: Someone who sees BOTH sides of issues Believes in reaching their full potential And allows others to do the same Amphiist: Civil rights advocate Amphiist: Philosopher, Historian, Psychologist Amphiist: Emotionally intelligent, naturally aristocratic, self-actualized Or at least trying…     Amphiist (78): Amphiist Entertainment Editor: Jaclyn Holland-Strauss                 Worldview @ jaclynhollandstrauss.com Facebook: Jaclyn Holland-Strauss                     […]

Hollywood: 1950s movies, the studio system, and Bette Davis

The 1950s saw the end of the old movie studio system where the moguls like Jack Warner and Louis B Mayer had shepherded an enormous number of stars through the film process to the American public. I use the word ‘shepherded’ for a specific reason. The stars under contract in the old studio system were […]

Who has won more acting Academy Awards/Oscars than anyone else?

The answer is Katharine Hepburn. She won for 1933’s Morning Glory, 1967’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, 1968’s The Lion in Winter, and 1980’s On Golden Pond. She won 4 times in total as Best Lead Actress. She was also nominated 8 other times, for a total of 12 nominations. Her nominations were for 1935’s […]