Academic Coach Weekly Issue 1

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Academic Coach Weekly: Issue 1 (September 11, 2015)

Jaclyn Holland-Strauss (on Facebook), JaclynHStrauss on Twitter

University can be overwhelming, but I coach individuals and groups at reasonable rates.

Includes proofreading from beginning to end.

Call Numbers/Library of Congress Classification System

If you want to know where the books you need are in the library, a quick way of finding out is to type in Google, or the search engine of your choice, your subject and then the words ‘library of congress classification.’ This will often give you online resources as well as the numbers you need to locate the relevant material in the library.

Keyboard Shortcut

If you are typing and editing something, and you notice that when you try to change something, the character disappears totally, what you need to do is press Insert. That lets you make changes without overriding already-typed characters.

Ready Reference Section of the Library

Useful Book Alert

Europa World book: This resource is especially useful when you are looking for information on a particular country. It includes population, GDP, everything!

Using Databases to find information (Acadia U)

Go to On the righthand side, click ‘Business.’ It doesn’t matter if you are in Business or not; simply click on it to get to the ProQuest database. Click on Journal Articles in one of the top tabs. There’s Home, Where to Start, then Books &Ebooks, then the one we want: Journal Articles. Click on CBCA Complete Business (ProQuest). Then you log in, using your NetId and password. 

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