Amphiist 27: A very fair look at Nicholas J Fuentes, James Allsup and Fuentes’s firing from America First Media

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There are many sides fighting to influence our world view

We need to listen to all of them (free speech)

Amphiist is a Greek word meaning looking at both sides

Amphiist (27)

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January 16, 2018                               Today in the…

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Nicholas J Fuentes’s Perspective

The recent controversy between Nicholas J Fuentes and James Allsup, cofounders of American First Media, is very interesting from an amphiist perspective. Fuentes was recently fired from American First Media by James Allsup and his business partner ‘Millennial Matt.’ In a Periscope video entitled The Future of America First, Fuentes said the first he heard about his firing was Twitter’s America First Media page. After Fuentes titled his interview with Paul Nehlen, Allsup later changed it. Fuentes doesn’t think this action was justified, since Allsup doesn’t contribute a lot of videos himself and falls down on a host of other issues, such as not organizing the college tour they were supposed to embark upon. Allsup has done 15 podcasts in comparison with Fuentes’s 100. However, Allsup still received a third of the money. Matt never returned Fuentes’s messages on this. The next issue was Fuentes’s desire to use company funds to purchase an inexpensive computer so his interviews, especially, represent higher audio and video quality. Allsup missed 4 shows for Overdrive. Allsup showed up late to various Nationalist Review shows. Although Allsup didn’t realize his own responsibilities, he is going to start cohosting Fash the Nation for The Right Stuff. Fuentes felt used.

James Allsup’s Perspective

Allsup released a YouTube video on the subject, entitled The Truth About America First Media, where he offered many screenshots and images backing up his claims. Allsup’s viewpoint is that he had every right to protect the integrity of the company he co-founded by changing the title to the video of the Nehlen interview. It is possible YouTube would shut down the AF channel if words in the titles violated Community Guidelines (Fuentes’s original title referred to the Jews as a tribe). Allsup offered Fuentes the chance to change the title back. On the subject of workload, Allsup fixed Fuentes’s audio mistakes, built the website, coordinated guest appearances, edited Nationalist Review, handled merchandising activities, troubleshot, etc. Whenever Allsup missed a show, he gave notice. Allsup was prepared to use company funds to help Fuentes get a computer, and he was going to help build it. Fuentes banned Allsup and MM from accessing the YouTube channel without alerting them. Both Allsup and MM tried to negotiate with Fuentes before publicly stating Fuentes was fired. Allsup compliments Fuentes as being extremely talented, and wishes him nothing but the best. In stark contrast, Fuentes refers now to Allsup as ‘Downie,’ a term offensive to those with Down Syndrome…

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