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Jaclyn Holland-Strauss

I love writing stories, newspaper articles and blogs that inspire people of all cultures to control our emotions, to think positively, to reach our full potential, to see both sides of every issue, to not be duped by the global elite/Illuminati, and to progress through life, until we all reach self-actualization.

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Nietzsche, the anti-Christ

There is a video on YouTube that fascinatingly discusses the great philosopher/artist #FriedrichNietzche. The name #Nietzche is legendary in the realm of philosophy. One of his books is called #BeyondGoodandEvil, and in it, he writes about how there are two types of morality in this world. They are slave and master. He specifies that Christianity […]

Brian Atlas shrugged

Brian Atlas hosts a dating podcast called Whatever. He is an intriguing person with strongly marked characteristics and traits. His worldview is that modern society is moving in the wrong direction. His fans adore him, and often donate hundreds of dollars in superchats. He is becoming a very wealthy man. He does, however, have his […]

#DonaldTrump found guilty

There have been others in the past who have committed felonies, including past American presidents. And they have not been arrested. Trump supporters use this as an argument as to why, even if he is guilty, he should not have been found guilty. However, an amphiist would point out (read under Jaclyn Holland-Strauss’s brand on […]

Taylor Swift, wow!

#TaylorSwift is one of the most famous stars in the world today. She has been around since the mid2000s when she was still a teenager. But in the past few years, her fame and success seem to have skyrocketed to an unimaginable height. I’ve never heard before of an artist taking all ten spots on […]