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Amphiist 86

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November 20, 2019


International Politics

In the news often day, there are constant battles between religious sects and between members of different religions. One of the biggest is the Israel/Palestine issue where Jews and Muslims fight over land. Remember King Solomon? He was the wise man in the Bible, the wisest man in the world. Two women went to him and wanted to know which one of them had the right to the child who was with them. Each of them expected that the wise monarch would grant them the right to have the child exclusively. But what he did next surprised them. He suggested that they cut the child in two. One woman eagerly said yes, great idea with no regard for the actual child. She just wanted her half. The other woman, the one who truly loved the child, said, “No, better for the child to leave me than to cut it in half and destroy it.” King Solomon could then tell that the woman who was willing to sacrifice her own desire for the child in the interest of the child’s own health, was the one who truly loved the child. So he gave the child to the loving woman. The parallel between this story and the Israel/Palestine land issue is obvious. Except that in this case, both sides are willing to cut the child up in half in order to gain their own interest. Thousands of children die on a constant basis because of the war between these two sides. The side which would capture the world’s praise would be the one who says, “You know what? I’m not willing to have another child die over this land. Take the land. Take it and do whatever you want with it but at least our side will know that we have saved future children from this harm. Most people who read about the latest Jewish attack or the latest Palestinian attack concentrate on which side is right. They like reading stories which fit in with their own agenda. However, who will think of the children? They are the ones who matter, because the innocent always matter more than the guilty. How can a child caught in this decades-old crossfire ever reach their full potential if they are killed before they even reach the age of maturity? At this point, we shouldn’t care who has the right to the Gaza strip of land. No piece of land, no material possession, is worth children’s lives. All children’s lives are equal and worthy of actually existing until they die of natural causes. яндекс War is not natural. Putting land over kids is not natural. If you would like to comment on this article, please email All comments, even if published in future editions, will be strictly anonymous and confidential. An amphiist is someone who sees both sides of issues. This article has the potential of making both Jews and Palestinians mad because I take neither side. But I’d rather take the side of the kids, to be honest. Let’s start a newspaper where the average person’s views are heard, rather than the perpetuation of a status quo which keeps us all from being our best selves.Question: How do YOU feel about the Israel/Palestine issue?

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