If President Obama were as dark skinned as his father would he be the President?

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We hear a lot about how advanced the United States is when it comes to race because they have a black President. However, what is usually not mentioned is the fact that he is half black, half white. It is like America is dipping its toe into the pool of a post-racial society, but is not yet ready to go for a full swim.


Unfortunately, America is still a racist country even if the racism is not systemic. There are a million examples that attest to this country’s racism (although of course there are many sophisticated people who do not have a racist bone in their bodies; I’m making a generalization to make a point). It’s true they have a black President, but if he were a really dark-skinned President, there is no way he would have achieved the highest office in the land. Sad, but true, in my opinion. If he had two black parents; in fact, if he looked like his father, he would never be the President, at least not yet. Maybe someday. His mother was white, and his father was very dark skinned, as you can see from the posted picture. If both his mother and father, and he, had skin as dark as his father, I think the outcome of the election would have been very different. In fact, I think we could go so far as to say he would not have been taken seriously as a candidate. I’m not saying this would be a good thing, or right; I’m just saying that’s what would have happened in reality.


Obama had next to no experience when he campaigned to become President of the United States. His abysmal performance while in office, while depressing, is absolutely no surprise. He is not a leader. He was a law professor with bad student evaluations. He was brand new in the Senate. Obama is a very ambitious man who, once in office, wanted to play golf more than he wanted to lead. And it was plain that it would be like this. People go on and on about how Sarah Palin was deluded to think that she had enough experience to be the Vice President. However, Obama’s experience is arguably even less impressive. True, he did attain the rank of Senator where she was a Governor, but she was at least a Governor for years before she ran for Vice President.


If Obama were white, his experience (or lack thereof) would have been dismissed with as much ridicule like what Palin was presented with. But because he was half black, Americans could feel like they were being progressive by electing him. But I still wonder what would have happened if his skin were as dark as his father’s.


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