Donald Trump shows Obama for who he really is, as Obama denies charity 5 million dollars

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Donald Trump, one of the greatest businessmen in the United States, offered President Obama last week 5 million dollars to whichever charity Obama named if he would release his records to the American public.


It is hard to believe that Trump gets criticism while Obama largely gets off scot free. Talk about focusing on the wrong thing. People seem to be inordinately gifted at that particular practice. Do you know what Trump did during Hurricane Sandy? He opened the Trump Tower atrium so that people could receive shelter from the storm. And yet people just focus on his hair. It’s so ridiculous and shows the superficiality of many people. Meanwhile, because Obama is a star (not a President), his fans drool, no matter what he does, or does not do.


It should be noted that all past Presidents have released relevant records without even being asked. For Trump, the President’s lack of cooperation on the Libyan issue suggests that he is not being open for a reason. The lack of transparency is stunning. Obama has routinely, while in office, shared information with the American people only when it is convenient for him, and only if it makes him look good.


There are emails which prove (not suggest, but prove) that Obama’s administration has been less than honest about the situation in Benghazi, Libya. These emails demonstrate conclusively that Obama knew it was a terrorist attack. So why did he send Ambassador Susan Rice to the Sunday morning talk shows to announce that the attack was a direct result of the video that few people have seen? Why did Hillary Clinton and Obama take the trouble to film a television commercial to be shown in Libya, that basically assured the Libyans that America was built on religious tolerance? Yes, of course, that’s true, but why is America apologizing? It should be bragging…it’s America, the country that has done more for any other country in the history of the world. Like Trump himself, the United States is often criticized simply because it has reached such a level of success. And the most successful people, and countries, are the recipients of jealousy rather than the praise they should be. I’m not saying Trump is perfect, and I’m not saying America is perfect. However, let’s give credit where credit is due. And let’s withhold it where it most certainly not due, such as in the case of President Obama. What is Obama hiding? That is the main question Trump wants to answer.

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