‘Israel’ is not a democracy any more than America is: Just ask the 20% of Arabs who live there!

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A fifth of ‘Israel”s population is of Arab descent. Therefore, they are in the minority in that country. I put quotation around the word ‘Israel’ to show that I think it should be called Palestine.


Ann Coulter has recently made the point that racism is no longer systemic in America. This means that while racism may still exist on an individual level, and of course it does, the actual laws of the land are no longer racist. There are no more Jim Crow laws, for example.


However, there is another nation where racism runs rampant, and that is ‘Israel.’ Racism is indeed systemic there because not only is there individual racism (as there no doubt is in every country), but there is also racism that is built into the very laws of the nation. This is all the more galling because ‘Israel’ is supposed to be a democracy. Of course, neither ‘Israel’ nor America are in actuality democracies. However, at least America has come further in terms of civil rights than has its supposed Middle Eastern counterpart.


Arabs in ‘Israel’ have to suffer the tragedies of having their homes ruined. They have had their land confiscated or stolen. This systemic racism is not just an abstract belief system on the part of the Zionists who rule the country; there is a clear purpose to the violation of human rights that routinely happen there. The Zionists wish to erase as many Arabs as possible from the land so that Zionist power will be consolidated.


The effects of these abhorrent policies are very practical. For example, many more Arabs do not wish to be friends with Jews as a result. They fear ethnic cleansing (which of course is exactly what’s happening), and they are not happy with the quality of their lives. The only issue of hope for the Arabs is that their birth rate is higher than the Jewish rate, but that in turn causes fears in the Jewish population that the demographics will begin to favour Arabs over the next generation or so. This leads to the tension which naturally and evilly results in violence between the two ethnic groups.


In this so-called democracy, if I were an Arab and wrote this article to be published, I would be immediately imprisoned because I am denying the right of ‘Israel’ to exist as a democratic state. The use of the single quotation marks would convict me.


For a detailed listing of the racist laws that exist under the current Knesset, consult:



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