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Issue 4: June 12, 2016

There’s a choice each of us needs to make

To have control over our emotions or not to …

I’d have already reached my full potential if I knew how

I’d see both sides of the issues

Appreciate ALL of the world’s cultures

I’d expose traditional media

I’d find out what’s up with the Illuminati

I’d be like the men who created America, and work hard to be good

Rather than being born to greatness

I’d overcome my wildest desires, celebrate my conscience, and develop my ability to balance both

I’d fight for liberty

If I had unlimited potential, I’d? …

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Bruce Jenner

Crossdresser, not transgender

A crossdresser is a man who likes to dress in women’s clothes. The technical term if transvestite. It is different from transgender, because a transgender thinks they were born in the wrong body. Sometimes, this is accurate, but in Jenner’s case, I don’t think so. There are several reasons for my opinion on this subject. He describes himself as a father to his children, for one thing. A true transgender person considers it a nightmare to hear themselves described as the opposite gender, or to see themselves in a picture as a male (if they identify as female). Jenner talks about being taught how to be a transgender. A true transgender doesn’t need to be taught. They identify a certain way, and they naturally act in a way that matches how they feel inside. Bruce Jenner walks like a man. His voice is that of a man. He also has plenty of money but has chosen not to have the gender reassignment surgery. This means that he still has the genitals of a man. Some people in this situation don’t have the money to change their physical situation, but Jenner does.

So what’s going on? Why is Bruce Jenner pretending to be a transgender? I hate it, because it ruins things for people who are sincerely transgender. A person can be born with a birth defect, which makes doctors misidentify the baby. This is tragic, but can be overcome over the long term. I think Jenner is doing it for the money. Kardashian ratings have been down, and he’s doing this part to help raise them. He received around $60 million for his television show, I Am Cait. He is not Caitlyn, though. He is Bruce. We shouldn’t label people, and stereotype them, but people also shouldn’t pretend to be something they’re not.

It’s also possible that this all part of the overall Illuminati agenda. The Illuminati wants to break down gender norms. Most people I have surveyed believe there is still value in gender roles. But the world’s elite want to depopulate the world. This is what’s behind all of their various schemes. Abortion lowers the population. War obviously lowers the population levels. The elite wants gender neutrality, with washrooms being genderless. They don’t care about the results of these strategies. They want only their own agenda to be advanced.

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton entered American public life in 1991 when her husband, Bill Clinton, ran for President of the United States. Most politicians have people who were mentors for them, people who guided how they think about different issues. Saul Alinsky is someone Hillary has said she admires, I believe. Alinsky has been quoted as saying, “In the beginning the organizer’s first job is to create the issues or problems.” This fits in very well with what I said in an earlier issue about how the global elite follows this pattern: Problem-reaction-solution. Create a problem, like tension between black and white people (Alinsky wrote a lot about the issue of the increasing number of African-Americans). Then create a reaction in the average people based on fear and irrational thinking. Then create a solution to the fake problem, which would never have existed, so that conflict can be created, and the global elite can manipulate people based on this problem. One of the common solutions is for people’s guns to be taken away from them. Then those in power have more power over the average citizen. Hillary Clinton has recently been quoted as saying that “if” there’s a constitutional right to owning a gun…in other words, she’s saying that the average American might not have that right. However, the 2nd Amendment of the American Constitution clearly says that individuals have the right to bear arms. If powerful people can take away your guns, then they gain even more power over you.

Diwali: A Holiday just like Christmas

Diwali means festival of lights, and Hindus celebrate it once a year. People exchange gifts, just as Christians do at Christmas time. Diwali or Deepavali demonstrates the triumph of good over evil. When Hindus take part in this festival, they make sure to wear their best clothes. It’s a holiday of optimism and hope.

Ramadan and Mormon Fasting

Fasting is done in both Islam and Mormonism. The difference is that Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, for a month. At the end of each daily fast, they enjoy a huge feast. In Mormonism, Mormons fast once a month for twenty-four hours. It’s the first Sunday of each month, and is practised in conjunction with bearing a testimony in Sacrament meeting. People express how grateful they are to God in both religions. There’s more that connects us than separates us, and we need to remember this when we read the mainstream media, which seeks to divide us so it’s easier to conquer us. In both religions, fasting helps people to realize their full potential.

Founding Fathers of America

Were these the greatest men on earth? George Washington had a slave, Sally Hemmings

It is important that if we love leaders, we realize that they are not perfect. They may be inspired, but a person doesn’t need to be perfect in order to be inspiring. Perhaps a great leader has a drinking problem. Perhaps he or she has a drug problem. Perhaps they aren’t emotionally intelligent. We shouldn’t judge, but just pray and ask for help, both for ourselves and for others. Angela Merkel has been criticized a lot lately for allowing hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees into Germany. The media reports on the sex attacks, like those which occurred in Cologne. The media does this so that when the time comes, people will be programmed into hating Muslims, Muslims who in their everyday lives, are very similar to Christians, wanting to please God with their actions, making mistakes, and hopefully repenting or changing their mind about the right way to live their lives. As many refugees should be welcomed into Western culture as possible, because we need a diversity of ideas. They should assimilate, however. If they want sharia law, then they should live in a country where that’s the chosen legal system. If people want the safety and security that’s associated with Western culture, then they need to abide by Western law. Violence is never the answer.

1776: United States and Bavaria, Germany

1776 represents one of the most interesting years in history. It’s the year that America was founded. Many people realize that. However, something else happened that year which is of equal importance, and that fewer people have heard about. In 1776 in Bavaria, Germany, on May 1, Adam Weishaupt originated the Illuminati. Illuminati means ‘enlightened.’ Have you heard of the Enlightenment period in France in the late 18th century? This was a stream of thought where freedom was celebrated, including freedom of religion. Many Enlightenment principles also found their way into the Founding Fathers’ ideas about the form of government that America should take.

With regard to the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt was a law professor in Bavaria in 1776. Part of the Illuminati belief system is that members of this group don’t believe in either God or Satan. They believe that people should have freedom of religion, and that people should be their own gods. They should realize their full potential by believing in themselves, rather than others. The Illuminati believe in something that Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, wrote about in his piece of literature, the Republic, and that is a philosopher-king, who runs state affairs (rather than a king, who is born with royal blood, like in England). As we can see, this fits in with the American Revolution, who felt that merit should say whether or not a human being is great, not to whom he or she was born.

How did we get to the Western culture we have today?

Pre-Code Movies from 1929-1934

In 1929, movies started appearing where the actors’ voices could be heard. This began the Pre-Code era of American moviemaking. There were certain rules created by Will Hays that moviemakers had to follow or their movies would not be approved for distribution, after 1934. Here are some examples: if a woman cheated on her husband, then she had to die or be severely punished by the end of the film, so that the audience would not think that living an immoral lifestyle paid, or was a good thing to do. People couldn’t be seen taking drugs, being prostitutes, and the movies couldn’t be too violent. Some actors hated the rules, but in a way the censorship which existed at this time helped force directors and other moviemakers to be more creative. Between 1929 and 1934, these rules didn’t have to be followed, and some of the greatest films from that time, which are most interesting from this perspective, include Red-Headed Woman, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Baby Face. Look them up on YouTube!

Eskimos and Dating/Sexual Culture

It might surprise you, but on my website, jaclynhollandstrauss.com, one of the articles that gets the most attention is the one I wrote a while ago on Eskimos and their sexual culture, found at https://jaclynhollandstrauss.com/what-is-the-sexual-life-like-for-eskimos/. In it, I discuss how they, like Mormons and Muslims, can have more than one wife. Well, Mormons could before 1890, but now they are not allowed to. Eskimos can also, when men have guests in their home, the husbands offer their wives to their guests as a sign of hospitality. Women can leave their husbands whenever they want, which does suggest that they indeed have some rights.

Sometimes I think there would be a nice balance between the severe sharia law of Islam as practised in Saudi Arabia, and the far too permissive Western culture where women feel like it represents liberty to go out and get drunk every weekend, which leads to a lot of other unhealthy things. Often, the middle ground is the best.

Illuminati and 9/11 (Building 7)

You’ve probably heard of the Twin Towers. On September 11, 2001, more than a dozen hijackers, mostly from Saudi Arabia, flew planes into the Twin Towers in Manhattan, New York. However, on the same day, Building 7 in Manhattan also collapsed. Conspiracy theorists have questioned who exactly was behind the collapse of this particular building. They have said that explosives caused it to fall. They say that the way the building fell shows controlled demolition. Others who do not believe the conspiracy theories state that intense fire is the reason for the building’s collapse. I’ve heard, but I don’t remember where from, there’s a video which shows a female news anchor talking about the building’s collapse before it even happened.

False flags

What’s a false flag? This is when the government plans a tragedy in order to create a problem to which they can offer a solution which benefits them. In order to believe this, a person must believe that government officials have evil hearts and that they are willing to do literally anything to achieve their goals. The stakes are so high. The main idea is that false flags are created so that the government can implement martial law and have complete control over its citizens. However, the government has had the opportunity many times to implement martial law as a result of different tragedies like 9/11, that have occurred, and so it is unclear, if that’s their master plan, why it hasn’t already been implemented. On the other hand, some conspiracy theories have later been proven to be true!

Crisis actors

What’s a crisis actor? This is someone who pretends to be the victim of a tragedy. If you believe that crisis actors exist, then you believe in the conspiracy theory that the government is behind mass shootings and incidents of that nature, and that they hire people to act like victims to put a human face on the tragedy. On the Internet, several times I’ve seen people post pictures of supposed crisis actors, the same ones who have been involved in different tragedies. Obviously, it seems unrealistic to think that one person would be a victim in Sandy Hook, 9/11, the Boston Bombings, etc. If you’d like to see some of the pictures, go on my website, and type in crisis actors at jaclynhollandstrauss.com. I have to say, I’ve seen this pictures, and sometimes it just looks like similar people. And have you noticed that all women nowadays between the ages of 20 and 35 look very similar now? Also, when considering these stories, remember that absolutely anyone can have an agenda. A person can receive advertising revenue, for example, if they get enough clicks on their website, which can be very lucrative. So it’s important to be suspicious of everyone, not just the government or the media. Use common sense, and remember that most people are not evil. They are just confused about what constitutes living correctly.

Cashless Society

It’s easier to track people if they use a debit or credit card or some other form of electronic identification. If a person uses cash at a store, then only the storekeeper and the shopper know about the transaction. It’s hard to build up a picture of what a person likes or supports if they always use cash. Electronic information can state where a person is, too. Remember the recent San Bernardino attack in California, where one of the terrorists left behind an 5s iPhone? It was password-locked. I read an article where the FBI needs to spend certain lengths of time to unlock such a phone, and if you have an 11-digit password, then it will take the FBI longer than a person’s life span in order to crack the code.

One thing I have wondered, though, is that perhaps this is a trick by those in authority (a justified trick) to pretend that they can’t already read people’s messages. If a person has nothing to hide, then they have nothing to worry about, although there are some libertarians who believe that the cause of liberty is so important that even if we have nothing to hide, then we should still fight for as much privacy as possible.

Henry Makow: Memorial Day

Memorial Day in the United States is designed to commemorate those who fought in World War II for the United States. There’s some controversy, because Makow, who is a famous conspiracy theorist, has suggested that rather than being heroes, such veterans are people who have been tricked by the government to fight a war that is not noble in purpose. Makow believes that the Illuminati funds both sides of such wars so that they can make as much money as possible from the weapon sales, etc. By the Illuminati, he means the central bankers like America’s Federal Reserve. His article can be found here: http://henrymakow.com/veteransdayrequires.html.

In the movie The Best Years of our Lives (1946), there’s a scene in a drugstore where a stranger asks a sailor who just returned from war why he fought, and basically says that he was a sucker to fight, that he wasn’t even fighting the right enemies. A soldier who overhears him punches him, and the man is kicked out of the drugstore. I think it might be true about the global elite doing things like this, but we should always consider the men and women who fight, heroes.


I hear a lot of people say, “Oh, I don’t care what people think of me. I know I’m a good person.” Regardless, many times it’s a good idea, if someone criticizes us, not to get angry, but to ask if what they say could be true. The emotionally intelligent thing to do is to thank them. Don’t get angry. Think with honesty about whether or not they are right. If you reach the conclusion that they are wrong, then you don’t need to do anything. If you find that they might be right, then change and grow according to the timetable that works for you on an individual level. That is true liberty. Don’t be proud of ignoring others’ opinions. They could be help from God.

Horoscopy stuff

I was reading my horoscope (I’m a Libra, having been born on October 1) and it says I’m about to meet a new man. Apparently there’s going to be a prison break.


This is one of the quotes that I came up with myself. Fill in the blanks to get the full quote. The answer will be in next week’s edition.

Answer to last week’s: Experience is the mother of opinion.

This week’s quotation is one from Buddha. It’s a bit longer so I’m just reproducing it and not leaving any blanks:

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Words to live by!


Plato was an ancient philosopher. To contemplate means to think about something. So I thought it would be nice to combine the words for this section of my newspaper into ‘Contemplato.’ Here’s a question and if you want to answer it, please feel free to respond to jaclynhollandstrauss@hotmail.com:

Did the Founding Fathers create the greatest, most exceptional country the world has ever seen, or is the United States just another country?

Send comments to jaclynhollandstrauss@hotmail.com, or suggestions for columns

To be continued online soon ….

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