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Adam and Ryan Lanza: same person?

There are several suspicious incidents involving Adam Lanza. Several issues point to the strong possibility that he is not even a real person. Normally I place my single source at the end of my article, in case anyone who is interested in seeing the original of what I’m summarizing can access the original article, and […]

Nevada: questions about this potential Illuminati false flag

The recent school shooting in Sparks Middle School in Nevada has raised some questions for me that I think are very interesting. For one thing, the article I’m sourcing here mentions that the shooter shot himself in the head. Obviously someone who does something like this has mental issues, but my question is whether or […]

How Nevada is similar to Sandy Hook; is Nevada an Illuminati false flag?

There was a shooting at Sparks Middle School in Nevada yesterday. The shooter was a young man who shot himself. When these school shootings happen, whether here or at Sandy Hook, the gunman often shoots themselves. In this case, the shooter who appears to have acted alone, stole the handgun from his parents, raising the […]