Adam and Ryan Lanza: same person?

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There are several suspicious incidents involving Adam Lanza. Several issues point to the strong possibility that he is not even a real person. Normally I place my single source at the end of my article, in case anyone who is interested in seeing the original of what I’m summarizing can access the original article, and of course as a professional courtesy, but with this article, since I am going to be pulling information from various sources, I think it makes more sense to cite as I go along. I want to give credit where credit is due to the great people who are sharing their information about Adam Lanza, even if it is just speculation.


Okay, let’s start. According to, one searcher on the internet tried to find information on Adam Lanza in the local newspaper, the Newtown Bee. The first time this person tried to find information there was only one search result and it seems like it was a different Adam Lanza. But the next time this person conducted a search, they came up with all kinds of references to Adam Lanza. That’s very interesting, because it makes it seem as though an interested party wanted to make it look like Adam Lanza actually exists when in fact he does not.


Another super interesting nugget is given at this site: They bring up the fact that Ryan Lanza’s identification information was found on Adam Lanza’s body. This makes more sense if they’re the same person.


Another site raises the very interesting question: Why would the police arrest or show any interest in Ryan Lanza if Adam Lanza was dead inside the school? This is a question raised by


The same website asks really important questions, such as like when Ryan Lanza heard about the mass shooting, and the circulation of his last name was occurring, why did he not react with surprise that a mass shooting had occurred where he used to live? Why did he act as though he didn’t have a brother? Maybe he didn’t? . . .


I’m so confused about all of this. What benefit is there for the Lanza family to make up Adam Lanza? If Ryan was in another state, and only distantly aware of what was going on, then how was he arrested in Hoboken, New Jersey? I hope someone can explain all of these things to me, because I really want to know.


Common sense seems to say there is a Ryan Lanza and there is an Adam Lanza. Another suggestion on the godlike productions website is that one of the brothers was used as a patsy. This seems more likely to me because if the Illuminati really was behind the Newtown, Sandy Hook incident, a scapegoat is always a useful tool.


There are so many contradicting stories about the tragedy that I have to admit I’m way confused. According to, originally Nancy Lanza was a teacher who worked at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but then she wasn’t. This could be chalked up to the normal inconsistencies of news reporting, or it could suggest something more sinister.




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  1. Rista

    I really apciperate this article, not only for making me think about my own life, but also for helping me understand and have compassion for someone like Adam Lanza and maybe how to recognize the signs. After all, this is what we always ask after a mass shooting how can we recognize the signs?This man’s story is to some extent relatable for me. Though I never harbored fantasies of mass murder, I was an extremely gifted child who grew up very lonely and isolated with few friends. This was exacerbated by the fact of my parents’ abuse and our family moving every few years. If not for the weak connections I had with a few friends and step-relatives, I may have gone the way of Adam Lanza too. It changed for me when I got to college and made many friends, some of whom were also strange like me albeit it in different ways. Prior to that, my fantasies ran more toward suicide than going out in a blaze of glory by shooting a bunch of people. I never saw myself living to be 30. In my 20 s though and well into my 30 s I had a recurring dream of an ax murderer who was constantly after me. He was very much like Jason in Friday the 13th and Michael in Halloween deeply troubled and feeling completely unworthy, bereft of love, friendship, and attention. Unbeknownst to me during the time those dreams were taking place, the ax murderer was actually my shadow side the deep fear of being unlovable and completely isolated, constructing and hiding behind many defenses, limited only by my very creative mind and all the games it could devise. I met a therapist during that time who recognized my high IQ and noted my severe depression. Genius is pain he told me. And he would have known. He was also extremely intellectually gifted and had his own stories to tell. I had never made the connection that my intelligence could have something to do with the severe depression and isolation I experienced.Now, years later, I have many friends, but I still sometimes fight against the urge to become isolated. Sometimes I still feel different because I don’t find many (if any) people who see the world like I do. I think the combination of being gifted and growing up in an abusive family is lethal without any channels for finding support. Looking back, I see my charming personality and affability as my saviors in life. They prevented me from becoming too isolated to find my way back. Even now, when I’m out of sorts, I can always count on going to work and talking with my female co-workers about what we’re wearing and our recent shopping sprees. These sorts of things help keep me grounded. I also apciperated this man’s story because it depicts very clearly that not all mass murderers are sociopaths, in spite of the lack of empathy needed to commit such a horrible crime. I believe there are many people who do bad things very bad things who are not sociopaths. I sometimes think there but for the grace of God go I. We cannot really imagine what goes on in people’s minds, especially if we label everyone as bad or evil based on our experiences with someone who is a true sociopath.

    • Jaclyn Holland-Strauss

      I loved your post, and please feel free to add me on Facebook if you would like. I can be found at Jaclyn Holland-Strauss. You seem like a very empathetic person, one who sees value in others when the rest of the world might shrug them off. Thank you very much for writing in!

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