Amphiist 79: Amphiist Conspiracies

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Amphiist (79): Amphiist Conspiracies

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September 19, 2018                             Today in the…

Natural Aristocrat, Emotionally Intelligent, Woke, Self-Actualized

Mainstream media perspective

The press ridicules conspiracy theories all the time. However, many have actually been proven to be true, ‘conspiracies’ such as Operation Mockingbird. A conspiracy is simply a bunch of people getting together to secretly, or not so secretly, to obtain a group goal, so it’s not really that wild to suppose that this happens all the time…and it does!


The Other Side

There are ‘good’ conspiracy theorists and ‘bad’ ones. Alex Jones is a bad one. He is a performance artist, which means he says what he does only for effect. He is not sincere in what he says. It is entirely possible that he says what he does because he is a paid troll. And the pills he sells could just be a surface explanation for why he makes so much money. No one has any way of knowing how much he makes from selling his male vitality pills,so it could be a cover story.

However, there is a conspiracy theory which makes tons of sense. It is the conspiracy of the violent globalists who wage war and support both sides so that they make money. Amphiism is about peaceful globalism, because it has no problem with a one-world government, but the picture of one dead child is grounds enough for the world view that war and violence are always wrong. Some of the conspiracies that we see played out in the media everyday include the normalization of bestiality and pedophilia, abortion, and war, of course. It is interesting to note that if all of these things were the norm, there would be far fewer human beings born, and that is one of the goals of these violent globalists: depopulation. Check out the Georgia Guidestones for the Ten Commandments of the New World Order!

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