Bruce Jenner does not identify as a woman

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I think it’s wonderful that people are being so tolerant about Bruce Jenner, but according to how he has lived his life, he is a man, a man who cross dresses, rather than a man who identifies as a woman. I think it’s important to make this distinction because he confuses people who are not well educated on the subject. By misrepresenting himself, he makes it harder for women who genuinely feel as though they were born with a birth defect. If he really had identified as a woman throughout his life, he could never have performed on the world stage as a masculine athlete, with muscular arms, etc. He would view it as torture to be called Dad. He would not refer to himself in the interview with Diane Sawyer as a big lonely boy. He is a man who likes to dress up in women’s clothing. He believes he is transgendered, but that does not mean he necessarily is. He is a cross dresser, or transvestite. And normally one person cannot identify someone else for them. But in this case, where he is famous, we can see how he has lived his life. The most clear example of how he does not actually identify as a woman is this quotation from his interview with Diane Sawyer (the words are spoken by Bruce himself): “I am not gay. I’m heterosexual. I’ve never been with a guy.” This wording shows that he views himself as a man. For some reason, he is not willing to admit he is a transvestite. I hope he sorts his life out, and becomes less confused, for his own sake. And also for the sake of the community that he is pretending (perhaps not consciously) to be a part of. Regardless of which category he falls into, God loves him, obviously, and I hope that he feels that love, always, which is my wish for everyone. 


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