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Amphiist 8: Justin Trudeau, patriot

One side Justin Trudeau has caught the attention of the world stage. Although a lot of the more superficial commentators focus on his looks, this does him a grave disservice. The characteristic I associate most with Trudeau is emotional intelligence. He routinely sees the bigger picture, and does an incredible job balancing the many different […]

Amphiist 6: Communism, capitalism and cultural marxism

    Canada boasts a mixed economy, with some capitalistic elements to it, and some more non-capitalistic elements. The public sector owns some of the resources, and the private sector owns some. Normally, the middle approach is the best one in life. That’s amphiism, seeing both sides of issues and larger picture in consequence. So […]

Amphiist 3: Justin Trudeau’s superb advice about ISIS returning travellers

Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada. He has strong opinions, which he defends vocally during Question Period, concerning men who return to Canada after having fought for the Islam State. He has recommended that they be referred to as returning ISIS travellers. I imagine that he is employing the same rationale as when […]

I’d (Newspaper about good and evil)

Support REAL news by subscribing: jaclynhollandstrauss.com/join I’d?… The newspaper for those who wonder about good & evil Issue 3: June 5 , 2016 There’s a choice each of us needs to make To have control over our emotions or not to … I’d have already reached my full potential if I knew how I’d see […]

Justin Trudeau’s admirable Muslim policy, and sharia law

Sharia law is a very controversial topic right now. It is seen as an extreme form of Islam. The website, National Interest, has an article, found here: http://nationalinterest.org/feature/defense-sharia-law-12545, where sharia law is analyzed in light of the assumption that there are both good and bad things about it.   The first important point that the […]