Amphiist 6: Communism, capitalism and cultural marxism

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Everyone acknowledges good and evil

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Amphiist 6: Communism, capitalism and cultural marxism 

Canada boasts a mixed economy, with some capitalistic elements to it, and some more non-capitalistic elements. The public sector owns some of the resources, and the private sector owns some. Normally, the middle approach is the best one in life. That’s amphiism, seeing both sides of issues and larger picture in consequence.

So which is better, capitalism or communism? Communism has a moral authority to it that capitalism seems to lack. However, I’d like to make a general point. The reasons for the past failures of communism AND capitalism are communists and capitalists, not the economic ideologies themselves.

There are a lot of conspiracy theorists these days who believe that there is an international cabal of violent globalists who will do anything to hold onto their wealth, even if it means sacrificing millions, quite possibly billions of global citizens. My question to them is, Isn’t the answer, if this is true, to such a cabal, communism? Communism reaches out to the poor to help them, capitalism reaches out to them to beat them for not being able to work harder. This is no conspiracy theory. Or, put another way, this is the part to the conspiracy theory that is true. Evidence abounds, all around us in the form of common sense, that the gap between rich and poor is becoming ever wider. CEOs are making thousands of times what their workers make. To an extent, entrepreneurs who take the risk SHOULD make a lot more than people who average jobs. I have no problem with that. We need to provide incentive for people to take risks in society and create businesses and, in turn, jobs, economic health, the chance to be consumers, etc.

However, I ask: Why does the incentive have to be financial? Why can’t a risk taker view the incentive for creating an innovative business as being helping out humanity?

Heroes like Che Guevara and Fidel Castro worked hard throughout their adult lives to effect positive changes in the lives of the poor. Castro succeeded beyond all imagination when he provided superlative health care and free education to his citizens of Cuba. A truly great man. One can say, What about the violence these men perpetrated? To which I would respond, What about the violence the mind-bogglingly hypocritical West has perpetrated over a far longer period of time? Were Guevara and Castro acting in self defence against an evil ideology?

And what about the much-maligned cultural Marxism? One characteristic of this ideology is cultural relativism. I see nothing wrong with this. There is beauty in all cultures, all viewpoints, all values. In America, especially, there is a destructive stream of Puritanism, especially when it comes to issues of sex. These people become hysterical at the thought of a teenaged boy enjoying the pleasures of sex, but can view with complete indifference pictures of dead children in Yemen. Sex has done a fraction of harm in the world as compared to violence. The West needs to look at weapons it sells to other countries before it passes judgment on what other cultures do.

Another characteristic of cultural Marxism is that white American policemen are bigots and target young black men. That this happens is so obvious that it doesn’t even deserve a lot of space. Of course, many police officers, white or otherwise, have the best intentions and serve their communities with honour and dignity. But there are far too many white cops in the US who don’t feel that black lives matter. So cultural Marxism cries out for justice for such young black men. Maybe things won’t be truly equal until white men driving nice cars are pulled over to the side of the road by white police officers.

Another aspect of cultural Marxism is do what you want. Some add without hurting anyone else, but the main point is do what you want. Don’t repress yourself sexually. Be who you know yourself to be, as Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, recently said. If you want to be gay, be gay. If you are a shemale like me, be a shemale. If you are asexual, be asexual.

I think the best idea from cultural Marxism, that I have tweaked a bit, is to have a one-world religion. If there is one religion throughout the entire world, there will be no wars based on religion, or at least that is the hope. There are similarities among all religions. Both Islam and Christianity respect Jesus tremendously. All religions preach some variation of the Golden Rule to do unto others what you would have them do unto you. Cultural Marxism says Islamophobia and anti-Semitism need to stop because they do enormous damage to the global society.

Cultural Marxism is perhaps the best non-economic justification for Communism, because it celebrates truly the individual, rather than judging all those different from us, using a Nazi-type mindset.

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