WOW: Words Of Wisdom

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WOW includes many positive, uplifting quotations. They are broken down into 4 main areas: spirituality; humour; friendly banter; and, insights. Hopefully, they will make anyone who reads them think about the issues of today–but also have some fun.

Over the years, I have had thoughts come to me on a variety of subjects. A lot of them I put on Facebook as they came to me. One day, I thought it would be useful to compile all of them and put them together, after breaking them down into specific areas, like spirituality, humour, friendly banter and insights. Especially in the areas of spirituality and insights, I hope to provoke thought. With the humour and friendly (never unfriendly) banter, I hope to make people laugh (or at least chuckle a little). So hopefully there will be some serious stuff, with some lighter material, then finish off with some more thought-provoking quotations.


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