Titanic victims John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, and Isador Strauss: The Federal Reserve Titanic Conspiracy

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What is the Titanic Federal Reserve Conspiracy? First, for those of you who don’t know, the Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States, which operates outside the purview of the United States government. Supposedly, its reason for existence is to ensure maximum employment levels, stable pricing, and moderate long term interest rates, protect credit rates, and lowering financial risk. However, conspiracy theorists believe that the real reason for the Federal Reserve’s existence is so that a group of elite world financiers like Evelyn Rothschild can control the world through money. The Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing, then loans money to the government, then charges interest and collects vast amounts of money when the government cannot repay the principal of the debt.


The Rothschilds were the banking agents for the Jesuits, an order of the Catholic Church. Astor, Guggenheim and Strauss saw the dangers inherent in implementation of Federal Reserve policies, and were vocal critics of it. So they were invited onto the Titanic, according to the conspiracy theory, and killed so that they could voice no more objections to the plan. The Captain of the Titanic was Edward Smith. It was my thought as I was reading this was that Smith voluntarily was part of a suicide mission. He was that dedicated to the Jesuit order. Smith was an experienced navigator of the very same waters that had destroyed him and it seems strange according to many that he would have made the foolish mistakes he did, which cost him, and many others their lives.


In the comment section of this article, some other interesting points are also made. Many of the crew, for instance, quit their jobs in their days leading up to the sailing of the ship. Why would they do this? There has never been a satisfactory answer. Another point, on the opposite side, is that if Astor, Guggenheim and Strauss were the three men who were supposed to die, doesn’t this represent a wanton disregard for life as there were so many other casualties as well? What about you, do you agree with the conspiracy theory or not?


Source: http://www.titanicuniverse.com/the-titanic-conspiracy


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  1. Jay Jay

    Wouldn’t it be easier to kill just the 3 of them instead of killing like 2200+ innocent people?

    • Jaclyn Holland-Strauss

      Yes, I agree, and that’s what I was implying in the last part, where I say if it’s true, that it shows a wanton disregard for innocent life. However, it is also possible that suspicions would be raised if the 3 men were killed separately as opposed to all together on a ship. It’s like where do you hide a pin–in a pincushion. Where do you hide the murder of 3 men–in a situation where a lot of people are murdered. Just a thought. I’m not advocating any particular point of view.

      • Maureen

        I will advocate for one particular viewpoint. Yes, JP Morgan is guilty of mass murder, he among several other unknown conspirators explicitly, deliberately planned the sinking of the Titanic to hide the murders of Straus, Guggenheim and Astor. Truth. Done.

        • tomapp

          The ship had lifeboats. Had they not messed up all passangers could’ve been rescued. Still over 1000 were saved, among them men & crew, so nobody could have foreseen those 3 would die…so a very unlikely & expensive assassination attempt

          • W

            Of course you can, if conspirators are planning to sink a ship with thousands of people JUST to assassinate 3 billionaires, one would assume those same conspirators would have back-up plans. Doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility there were hired assassins who would kill the 3 billionaires had they not went down with the ship, for all we know, all 3 were shot in the head well before any opportunity was presented to escape with with lives in a boat lol.

            I’m not saying it’s true, but the Titanic disaster has a number of intriguing and unanswered aspects of the sinking. It’s very convenient for the creation of the Federal Reserve that 3 of the major detractors all suddenly die in the same disaster a short time before the FED was successfully created, now that Astor, Guggenheim and Strauss were unable to lead dissent.

        • Adrián

          Where are the links or references that these guys really did oppose the federal reserve. I haven’t been able to find anything.

          • Sylvia

            Wow!! Great article! Thanks for posting it!

      • Jerry C


      • Janet

        The song John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith came out in the early 20’s. It was originally John Jacob Guggenheimer Smith. See the similarities?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but then it wouldn’t look like an accident now would it?

    • Truth

      People in the class of the elite don’t regard our lives as anything sacred. They killed thousands in 911 as well to advance their agenda.

        • Brother Patriot

          It was the criminal elements embedded within the social fabric of all nations…the NWO. (Now commonly referred to as the “Deep State”…but it’s much older than the puppets we are allowed to see now.)

          A multi layered, compartmentalized group of like minded people…often members of the various secret societies.

          This “thing” that we are all dealing with…the real Enemies of Humanity…has an overall goal of bringing about their one world, totalitarian form of government…their feudalistic utopia that they imagine.

          One world government.
          One world currency.
          One world religion.

          These fiends believe in an ancient pagan mystery religion that ultimately reveres Lucifer the Light Bearer.

          THAT is ultimately who is at fault…but yes, Bush & the Mossad are at the heart of the matter in regards to helped pull the inside job of 9/11.

          This brought about the Patriot Act & the NDAA of 2012.
          Both unconstitutional and both drawn up before the incident even happened.
          What we are dealing with is far older than most are willing to believe.

          “There are no coincidences.”

          ..l.. the NWO ..l..

          HOOYAH & God Bless the Awakening.

          • saintjude71

            Brother; when a spiritually healthy individual like Urself allows people in to there hart & mind is always a Uplifting and amazingly powerful force, as compared to spiritually corrupted individuals/groups who move in the dark and in secret because they have too. There target is the other 99% of the planet. But Patriots are awake and ready to fight in Jesus name, Amen…. #WWG1WGA……………… P.S. “There are no coincidences” is spot on.

          • Finn Dalcassian

            I have long been a student of this subject matter. I agree with your
            philosopy and analysis for the most part.
            But one thing I’d like to point out for all the “who did it” theorists, is ”
            just like with the Kennedy assassination – that is also linked to federal reserve issues – is, imo, it’s not so important who did as to WHY it was done. Once the majority realizes that, they begin to realize your theory, and once we begin to recognize why, the quicker and easier it becomes to counter their agenda, if that’s even possible.

        • vasja

          just google “silverstein insurance” and “dancing israelis”

      • saintjude71

        @Truth, I believe you are correct. They wouldn’t lose a nights sleep if million died. All they care about is there agenda of a world order that rules all and to which they are part of. Even if they die before there agenda is seen with there own eyes. They pledged themselves and there bloodline to this order for the very same riches & power satan tempted Jesus with during his 40 days & nights in the desert. (FYI, google wants satan with a capital S, by underlining it in red. cause when I right clicked on it, it was spelled with a capital.. To hell with google) Anyways, didn’t mean to get biblical, just wanted to tell you how much I agree with you, And now 3 years and cv-19 later, I bet thousands more agree because of CV. This whole blown out of proportions PLANdemic has opened eyes of millions around the globe.

        • Jaclyn Holland-Strauss

          I definitely agree with you about the pandemic. It’s craziness. And just na excuse to grab power by people who have always wished for more.

        • Doing my best!!

          I sure hope your right!! I still haven’t seen any one close to me, who has made any significant changes, to their overall opinions of doctors, hospitals, in short the medical field as a whole. I wouldn’t step foot in a hospital much less let a doctor who is complicit in the continued pushing of the vaccines, touch me!!
          I see the crowds of protesters growing, but it isn’t yet, over the attempted genocide of the human race as we know it, nor the trafficking of children for their, adrenechrome latent blood, organs for unfathomable uses and thier value as human sacrifices to Ball. They still don’t see Hollywood, Disneyland or Disneyworld for the centers of terrible evil that they are. They don’t even seem to be able to comprehend that Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the monsters at the WHO, Epstein, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Shift, Bush, Obama, Cheney, Bill & Hillary, Bezos, ect have done anything truly criminal!! Poeple don’t seem look any further than they have in the past. Like it’s not happening to me. I agree there are more coming into the light, but not nearly what I would’ve thought..

    • Nate

      Not if you want to get away with it. 3 people all united against a particular policy would be too obvious. If you can make it look like it was just the folly of the well-to-do that caused their demise then that is a much easier sell to a public that might just-so happen to agree with them.

    • Justice is coming

      If you kill off those three exact people, it becomes blatantly obvious the intent and purpose. As it happened, one reckless (extremely loyal) man can be blamed, with no further investigation needed. Plus, it becomes a worldwide event that readily declares the “success” of the mission to all involved. As for the “collateral damage”, the Jesuits care nothing about human life, even their own, as long as the end goal is achieved. One other factoid that bears mentioning is that Jesuit priest father Brown captured photos of those key passengers, insuring they were aboard, before disembarking at the last Titanic stop, Queenstown, Ireland. The Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order take no chances.

    • Hildebrand Brown

      Of course not. It should have a diversion, a shroud, a smoke curtain which would erase by its sheer magnitude a the coincidence of the three prominent deaths! Besides, it shows clearly the complete disregard for human life by these satanists! Do you don’t know about the child traffic, sex slavery and hunting during the “celebrations of these elites”? I think you don’t, because your argument of completely rational and logic, way apart from the dark waters of these sick people thrive.

  2. Frankle

    Do not forget that Strauss, Guggenheim and Astor would have opposed WWI as well.

  3. Riley

    I think it is a plausible theory. Plus owner of White Star Lines cancelled the trip. If you watch the 1958 version, “A Night to Remember”, notice a few conversations by name with Guggenheim, Mr. and Mrs. Strauss, but not direct mention of Astor, as in the miniseries. Not unlike 9/11 — insurance collected, wars started…5-pointed star …huge clue.

  4. Michael

    There’s also the possibility that the Titanic was swapped with its uninsurable twin sister, The Olympic. Due to previous collisions with other ships the Olympic had suffered irreparable damage and the White Star line, owned by JP Morgan, could no longer be insured. It’s possible the week before the names were changed, as the ships were almost identical with a few noticeable differences. As anyone who knows anything about the Illuminati, they generally have multiple reasons for doing what they do; taking out Strauss, Astor and Guggenheim while collecting the insurance money could only work in their favor. Though I wouldn’t say the Captain was in on the deal, I’ve read a few things to suggest he wasn’t as good as everyone thought. But the real Titanic would continue to operate under the name Olympic until it was demolished in 1936. It’s a possibility that should be considered. Also explains why so many of the workers quit. They would’ve been around to notice the swap and that something was amiss.

  5. F. Kroener

    It´s exactly so as Michael (11-11-2016) tells it.
    Also see the brilliant book about all of this with the titel:

  6. Billy

    How can it be a conspiricy theory.. It actually happened.. Three men opposed to the federal reserve all died on the sinking of the titanic.. Wasn’t rothchild or rockafella supposed to have gone but backed out last minute… To many coincidences.. Make it a conspiracy factual..

  7. Gordon

    If the 3 most powerful men who were opposed to a Central Bank were suddenly killed by assassins in a bloody brutal way, then it would appear that the motive for their murder was due to their opposition to having a Central Bank. But if they drowned on a ship that was “unsinkable” then it was a complete accident, nothing to see here. Let’s move on. Make everyone onboard a martyr and praise them in the press. There has been more than one accidental plane crash where all on board died just to kill one person. These evil people have no problem with mass murder if that will cover up their tyranny!

  8. Ron Hines

    Even in distress, Titanic botched every effort to be rescued. The telegraph operator was not at the post. Far too many coincidences. I believe that the men who survived like Charles Lightoller and some of the quote “heroes” of the Titanic were to make sure that these men died in the disaster and then report back to JP Morgan.

  9. Bolsheviks, of course.

    If you think this is beneath the cabal, you haven’t been paying attention.

  10. Robfriend

    They didn’t care about the collateral damage of 9-11. It’s the same families/government institutions operating the Machiavellian system. They cause a problem on a mass scale. Blame a faulty culprit, and get people so afraid that they give up their liberty by any means necessary.

  11. Finn Dalcassian

    There is no hard and fast evidence of any crime or to substantiate such a theory. However, in the legal world (I’m a paralegal) circumstancial evidence does exist and absent tangible evidence is admissable and credible.
    In this case, since the original players/actors are no longer with us, considering the puzzling occurences and coincidences, absent any evidence to refute it, it can be considered plausible that the plan was to murder the three individuals who opposed the Federal Reserve plan. After all, how coincidental is that that all three would be on board. We all know, or should, that collateral deaths are considered acceptable by those who planned this – just like 9/11, Oklahoma Murah Building, Pearl Harbor, and every war, etc. And what’s the likelihood that the original passengers related to JP Morgan, Rothchilds, ect all chose not to stay on board at the last minute, as speculated?
    All in all, considering the unlikely coincidences of the many factors, i’d say there’s more that points to a likely plot to murder than just a haphazard navigation mistake.

    • Jaclyn Holland-Strauss

      Can you direct me to any books tying the Kennedy assassination to the Federal Reserve?

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