Report on the Performance Review of the Public Works Contract

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As any public works project comes to an end, it`s important to take the time to review its performance. A performance review allows us to evaluate the project`s overall success and identify areas for improvement in future projects. This report will outline the key findings from a recent performance review of a public works contract.

The Scope of the Public Works Contract

The contract in question was for the construction of a new public park in a rapidly growing suburban area. The project had a budget of $5 million and was expected to take one year to complete. The scope of the project included the construction of various park features, including a playground, walking trails, and a pavilion.

Key Findings

Overall, the performance review found that the project was completed within the expected timeframe and budget. However, several areas for improvement were identified:

1. Communication: While communication between the project team and stakeholders was generally good, there were instances where important information was not communicated effectively. This led to delays in decision-making and an increased risk of errors.

2. Quality Control: The review found that some of the park features did not meet the expected quality standards. Specifically, the playground equipment did not meet the safety standards outlined in the contract. This led to additional costs and delays.

3. Project Management: The project management team did not have a comprehensive project plan in place, which resulted in delays and additional costs. There was also a lack of accountability for meeting project deadlines.


To address the areas for improvement identified in the performance review, the following recommendations were made:

1. Improve communication between the project team and stakeholders. This could be achieved through regular progress reports and stakeholder meetings.

2. Implement a quality control process to ensure that all park features meet the expected standards. This could involve regular inspections and testing.

3. Develop a comprehensive project plan that includes clear timelines, milestones, and accountability measures. This will help to ensure that the project stays on track and within budget.


Overall, while there were areas for improvement identified in the performance review, the public works contract for the new park was completed successfully. By implementing the recommendations outlined in this report, future public works projects will be even more successful. Performance reviews are an important tool for ensuring that public works projects meet their objectives and provide value for taxpayers.