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Amphiist 4: Adolescent, men and women’s rights

The age of consent should be tied to the age of puberty. When a child reaches the age of puberty, they stop being a child and become an adolescent. Some adolescents will still not be ready for sex from a psychological point of view. Everyone is different, with different potential, different experiences, different upbringings, etc. […]

What’s right about Saudi Arabia and Islam

I have read a lot of misinformation and yes, bigotry, about Saudi Arabia. I have never been there personally, and so I can’t write in depth about the human rights abuses I have read about. They may exist, and they may not. But remember that the media is a liar collectively, and when someone in […]

The Illuminati scheme concerning overpopulation: Palestine and abortion

There are two current events that are an expression of the New World Order’s desire to reduce the popoulation of the world…at least the population that is not engineered by them. The first way that the “problem” of overpopulation is being solved is the murdering of Palestinians. The second way is through the focus on […]

Jimmy Carter, the Catholic Church, and women’s rights

  In a recent interview, Jimmy Carter posited that the Catholic church is wrong for not ordaining women, based on a website article I was reading earlier today (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/23/carter-catholic-ordain-women_n_3488082.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003). He believes that organized religion can fight for women’s rights, instead of oppressing them, as is believed by some to happen.   Carter believes that discrimination […]

Women’s rights in Iran: Part 1

People in the West often have a very stereotypical view of women’s rights in Iran, and other countries in the Middle East. However, the reality is far more complex than that. Women’s issues are becoming a strong force in Iranian politics. Although the constitutions of Iran in 1906 and 1979 denied women’s rights, female activists […]

Shah mat: Iranian revolution of 1979. What is the connection to chess?

The words Shah Mat in Farsi refer to the death of the King. This is the origin of the term ‘checkmate’ in English. It is the final move in a game of chess. The person who checkmates the other player wins the game. In 1979, the Iranian Revolution resulted in the death of the Shah. […]