The Illuminati scheme concerning overpopulation: Palestine and abortion

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There are two current events that are an expression of the New World Order’s desire to reduce the popoulation of the world…at least the population that is not engineered by them. The first way that the “problem” of overpopulation is being solved is the murdering of Palestinians. The second way is through the focus on women’s rights.


There have been very sad but interesting developments lately with reference to the Palestinian/Zionist war. The Turkish Premier, in this article,, stated that all Palestinian mothers should die. Anyone who can make such a comment has lost her humanity. It’s possible she is being mind-controlled by the same machinations that resulted in Hitler and his Nazis being unleashed on the world. They do not come up with these ideas themselves; Satan, the great deceiver, is the one who is planting these ideas in their heads. This Premier is a puppet of the New World Order/Satan/Illuminati. She does not see that it is not the Zionist agenda that matters here; it is the behind-the-scenes agenda. The Illuminati is in control of the war between the Palestinians and the Zionists. They fund both sides (although obviously Israel more, because Israel has far more offensive and defensive resources than Palestine does, which concentrates mainly on offensives). This is why there are a lot of Palestinian casualties but not as many Jewish casualties. The Illuminati uses the war to divide people. Land becomes more important than the lives of innocent children. If either group had right on their side, they would say, “Take the land. Do with it what you want. But please, no more deaths of children.” Every time the collateral damage of kids is realized, people on both sides of this issue should question their motives, their perspective, and yes, their humanity.


The other way that the issue of overpopulation is being expressed is through so-called women’s rights. The behind-the-scenes manipulators who have sought to control the world since 1776 (Bavarian Illuminati) and before (the ancients with their esoteric knowledge) have a new weapon. They convince gullible, foolish women into thinking that only they have the rights to their own bodies. Women did not create their own bodies. They do not have the right to kill what or who is inside them. Abortion is murder. In the case of murder, there are times when self-defense is appropriate, and if a human being dies, it is sad, but ultimately justified. Similarly, if the woman’s health is jeapordized, then murder of the unborn child is sad, but ultimately justified. However, this is the exception, not the norm. Women should not have abortions just because they can. The world’s manipulators, the Illuminati, whatever you want to call them, want more abortions because it helps them in their design to reduce the numbers of people over whom they have less control. Women, and the men who especially in Western countries are too cowardly to stand up to women, think abortion is a personal matter, between a woman and her doctor. However, there are wider implications for society that these unfortunate puppets have no clue about. Or they would be smarter about their decisions and not just focus on their own selfish interests.


But I could be wrong about all of this. Tell me what you think! 

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