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Natural Aristocrat Weekly Special Edition Issue 5

Natural Aristocrat Weekly: Special Edition Mass Shooting at Umpqua Community College, Oregon False flag or the work of a lonely killer? Issue 5: October 3, 2015   There has been another mass shooting in Oregon, this time at Umpqua Community College. The inevitable question of whether or not this is a government-inspired false flag (the […]

No false flag: Mass shooting at Umpqua Community College

There has been another mass shooting in Oregon, this time at Umpqua Community College. The inevitable question of whether or not this is a government-inspired false flag has arisen, as it always does, now almost immediately after such a tragedy. The author of the article I am summarizing, with the sourced link at the bottom […]

Illuminati: good or evil?

This is not one of usually informative posts about the Illuminati, because I realize I need to know a lot more about them. I’m starting a newspaper that will ask the basic question, are they good or evil? Do they even exist in the first place? How is their propaganda disseminated online? I would appreciate […]

How Nevada is similar to Sandy Hook; is Nevada an Illuminati false flag?

There was a shooting at Sparks Middle School in Nevada yesterday. The shooter was a young man who shot himself. When these school shootings happen, whether here or at Sandy Hook, the gunman often shoots themselves. In this case, the shooter who appears to have acted alone, stole the handgun from his parents, raising the […]

(Most popular post) Nick Vogt, Jeff Bauman, Dawn Hochsprung, and Donna Bruce: What do they have in common? (Boston Marathon bombings and Sandy Hook conspiracy theories)

Source for first part of article:http://www.wtsp.com/news/article/311478/81/Snopescom-scopes-out-Boston-Marathon-conspiracies   The WTSP site has summarized what Snopes.com has written about the Boston Marathon bombings and related conspiracy theories. There are 5 main categories that Snopes outlines in relation to these tragedies. One is early creation Facebook pages. In other words, before a tragedy happens, someone expresses condolences about […]

What is Barack Obama saying about the Sandy Hook conspiracy?

Recently, Alex Jones went on Piers Morgan and mentioned that Morgan should be deported for his stance that there should be a ban on assault weapons. Jones interpreted this to mean that Morgan was violating the 2nd Amendment, in principle. One response to this interview was very interesting, and that is Barack Obama’s. After the […]

Are these two different pictures of the same woman? Sandy Hook conspiracy

Recently, I came across a link that made me think, for the first time, about the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory as possibly having some legitimacy to it. I’m not sure if this is the same woman in both pictures, but the similarity is strong enough that I am definitely willing to entertain the idea. And […]

Piers Morgan and the issue of gun control: His view on Newtown, Connecticut

Piers Morgan, the CNN talk host, has strong opinions about what America should do about gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. He went on Twitter the day the tragedy occurred, and posted several tweets about what gun control policy should be in the United States. He says that no […]

Right to bear arms: Tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Ban certain guns.

The tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut, is one more piece of evidence that guns that are capable of killing many people in a matter of seconds should be banned. Yes, I know that many people believe that the Illuminati-controlled government staging a future coup, and the general population needs to be […]