Right to bear arms: Tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Ban certain guns.

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The tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut, is one more piece of evidence that guns that are capable of killing many people in a matter of seconds should be banned. Yes, I know that many people believe that the Illuminati-controlled government staging a future coup, and the general population needs to be armed with weapons to avert this catastrophe. But this future hypothetical threat is just that, in the future. Right now, children are dying because people have access to weapons that can do enormous harm.


I’m aware of the argument that says these killers can access guns on the black market, so what is the point of government legislation banning them? At least it is a step in the right direction. Let’s try it and see if it works. The future liberty of adults is not worth the current death of children. People will always steal guns, just like they steal prescription drugs from their parents, etc. If the American government tries to go to martial law and take freedom away from the country’s citizens, then people can worry about that when the time comes. This supposed conspiracy has been going on for years; how long do we need to prepare for something that might never happen, at the cost of schoolchildren now?


Okay, people have the right to bear arms. But that is an ambiguous statement. Nowhere in the second amendment does it suggest that people have the right to have access to assault rifles. Maybe banning the most dangerous kinds of guns will not completely stop these tragedies from occurring. But it might help save a few people. In China, something like this happened, but a knife was used instead of a gun. And guess how many people died? None. I think that is significant, to state the obvious.


People do have the right to bear certain types of arms. But children have the right to go to school without worrying if they will make it home. Parents have the right to not wonder if their children are going to make it home safely from school.


I’m tired of hearing about these mentally ill, evil idiots who kill people because their mothers didn’t change their diapers quickly enough.


One area I think is often overlooked when this subject is raised is the issue of drug dealers. It is not just assault rifles and other such weapons that should be banned. Drug dealers should be banned. In other words, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. People might be mentally ill, but drugs make it far worse. They make people do things they otherwise would never do. They literally change a person’s mind, so they have a warped perspective on reality.


If teachers have guns, which is one recommendation I have heard, there are going to be way too many guns in society. Violence in schools is rising. Is more guns in those institutions the correct answer? I can’t fathom how. Students will steal the guns, the guns might go off accidentally, etc. Heck, at the rate society is going, teachers themselves will start killing children if they become frustrated enough with misbehaving teenagers. There is no end to the gruesome possibilities under such circumstances. If everyone has a gun, murderers will find another way to kill people. But as we saw in China, it is a lot harder to kill a group of people without a weapon such as was used in the Newtown, Connecticut murders.


Every once in a (short) while, the issue of gun rights comes up when a mass shooting takes place. But new legislation is never passed. Maybe the legislation banning assault rifles could be temporary. See what happens, or does not happen. Otherwise, what message is being sent to children? It was a horrible tragedy…but once again, we are not going to bother doing anything about it.

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