Newtown, Connecticut and the Illuminati: Foretold in New World Order playing cards? Must read!

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Steve Jackson invented a card game which laid out specific plans of the Illuminati. The card game was released in 1995. The website from which I am drawing this information has more content than I am summarizing here. I decided for the sake of space to focus on the gun control card, given the interest in the recent shootings in Portland, Oregon, and Newtown, Connecticut.




The card that is entitled New World Order: Gun Control has this at the bottom: “Increase the Power of all Violent Government Groups by 3. Increase the Power of all Criminal Groups by 1.” This Cutting Edge author states that the first step in a new dictatorship is to seize the guns from the people. The author quotes Bill Cooper’s suggestion that the CIA takes advantage of mentally ill patients by using hypnosis to control their minds. The end goal is to get them to commit mass shootings at places like schools, because such murders will inflame the general population and make them demand for stricter gun control. The drug Prozac seems to be cited often in being one of the ways that the government can control someone’s mind and make them do things that they would never do. The author mentions several shootings that have happened, but not the famous American ones.




I do not know if this makes sense, because I’m not sure that everyone involved in the American shootings has been a mental patient. Without this, the CIA would have no way to control them. Also, the introduction to the article suggests that Jackson was investigated by law enforcement because of the playing cards. Then there was a trial, and the judge threw out the cause because of the flimsy nature of the evidence. If the CIA were really concerned about what someone was going to release into the general population, it seems like they would be more efficient about it since the stakes are clearly so high. Wouldn’t they ust kill the individual if they are as evil as is being suggested? If they do not want people reading this information, then surely they have the power to stop a private citizen from releasing it. What do you think?







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