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Issue 1: May 22, 2016

There’s a choice each of us needs to make

To have control over our emotions or not to …

I’d have already reached my full potential if I knew how

I’d see both sides of the issues

Appreciate ALL of the world’s cultures

I’d expose traditional media

I’d find out what’s up with the Illuminati

I’d be like the men who created America, and work hard to be good

Rather than being born to greatness

I’d overcome my wildest desires, celebrate my conscience, and develop my ability to balance both

I’d fight for liberty

If I had unlimited potential, I’d? …

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Donald Trump

Unless something really big happens, Donald Trump will probably be the Republican who fights against Democrat Hillary Clinton in the November election of 2016. It’s important to see both sides of issues, so that we’re fair to both sides. However, sometimes, when there is a real danger like there is with Trump, it’s important to expose him as much as possible.

Trump has made fun of a reporter who is physically handicapped. He lies all the time. He never really wanted to be President or even the person who fights for the Republicans. He just wants attention and to build his brand as a tough businessman. He has given money to Hillary Clinton before, so there is no real difference Trump and Clinton.

New World Order

One of the things that the Illuminati wants is a new world order. Would this be a good or bad thing? Let’s look at both sides of the issue. The bad thing, as stated above, is that they control world events, and it’s for their own good, not for most people, especially the poor ones. It’s possible to argue that they do some good since they a one world order would mean uniting, rather than dividing. In other words, people would not be divided up into different countries and states.

Do you know what the word patriotism means? It means love of one’s country. But the question can be asked, should someone love their own country more than someone else’s? If they do, doesn’t that divide us, rather than unite us? It seems like the only real happiness we will ever have as human beings is if we are all on the same team, rather than divided up into small groups. So maybe one worldwide country without any borders would be a helpful idea?

Founding Fathers of America

There were a group of men who in the 1770s, broke away from England to fight for a new country. They are called the Founding Fathers. In my opinion, they are great men. They weren’t perfect, of course, but they created a system of government that is practically the opposite of what Donald Trump will do, since he will likely do whatever the Illuminati tells him to do. And that’s nothing like what the Fathers believed was best for the country. They believed that there should be limited government, lack of government harassment if we want medical marijuana, for example, privacy should be honoured, and limited involvement in the problems of other countries, etc. I really see the value in this, because I have been reading Morten Storm’s book, Agent Storm, and he states very clearly that one of the reasons why Muslims become radicals is that America kills their people by occupying their country, fighting wars, etc.

Morten Storm is a really interesting guy. He was a spy for different countries to try to take down various terrorists that the American and other governments were interested in stopping. His warnings about American involvement in what other countries do should be taken extremely seriously.

In Denise A. Spellberg’s Thomas Jefferson’s Quran, Jefferson (one of the Founding Fathers) is shown to welcome and believe in the rights of non-Christians to have whatever faith they want, and their rights should be equal to those of Christians. This is a far cry from what Trump suggests. He thinks Muslims should be banned from even entering America.

America should stop worrying about what’s going on in other countries, and try to get back the liberty that its citizens used to enjoy under the Founding Fathers.

I’ve Been Wrong A Lot

Just because we believe something fully doesn’t mean we’re always right. Recently, I remember finding out I was wrong about a major issue. But in a way I like being proven wrong about some things because it really adds to my knowledge. For instance, in this case, I have always believed that America was a Christian nation, based on that religion. However, in studying the Founding Fathers, I’ve noted that they believed strongly in freedom of religion. This is one area where they agree with Islam, which also says that there should be no compulsion in religion. A lot of the Fathers were actually Deists, which means they believe that there is a God, but that He created the world and left us after that to do what we can ourselves. And they are not sure if Jesus was actually the Son of God, or if He was a Prophet only, like the other Prophets. Personally, I believe in the Atonement, where Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but I find it very interesting that the Fathers have a point of view in common with Muslims, that Jesus is a Prophet to be respected, but not the actual Son of God.

There are more similarities than differences between all human beings. Don’t let the global elite try to tell you any differently.

Media bias

The biggest threat to American society and the rest of the world (I’m from Canada) is not ISIS. It’s not even Donald Trump. It’s the Western media. They lie. They want ratings. They want subscriptions. They want sales. If that means lying, then they are totally willing to do that. For example, they make Muslims look really bad, because the people who own the media make a lot of money if there is war. The media gives money to both sides of the war, and so it makes the global elite very wealthy. They control world events.

Name of the Week

Umar bin Khattab is the name of the second caliph. Muslims love this man for his contribution to the Islamic community. He started out fighting against Muhammad, but then one day he had a strong experience, which told him that Muhammad was a messenger of Allah.

This reminds me of the story in the Bible where Saul became Paul. Initially, Saul fought against the kingdom of God, but then he was converted to God, and became a faithful man. There are a lot of similarities between Christians and Muslims!

Halal Movies from 1930s and ’40s America

In Arabic, there are two interesting words, halal and haram. Haram means forbidden, and halal means acceptable. Usually, I have heard these words in reference to meat. If an animal is killed in the proper way, then the resulting food is halal. If not, then it is considered haram.

I thought I would apply this to movies. Up until the 1950s, American movies had to obey what is called the Hays Code. There were certain rules that went into what movies could show and what they could not show. The actors couldn’t swear. They could not take God’s name in vain. There could be no reference to homosexuality. Priests could not be made fun of, or religion in general. There was no nudity. However, there was a lot of glamour. Movies back then were so much better. If you want to know more about the movies from the 1930s and ’40s, then look up on YouTube Greta Garbo, Katharine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis. For the men, Clark Gable, Paul Muni,

If you like to watch sensational dancing, type in YouTube the names Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxPgplMujzQ

If you are more interested in listening to music than watching movie clips, then type in YouTube Olivia Newton-John. One of her songs is He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother. She has a beautiful voice and sings very romantic songs. The part to this song that I really like is the words, “If I’m laden at all, I’m laden with sadness. Sad that everyone’s heart isn’t filled with gladness and love for one another.” Find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogXIkxxurDQ

Each of us should love one another, regardless of religion, politics, etc.


What is the Illuminati? It is a worldwide organization of the global elite, supposedly. Some people believe in this organization, and others don’t. A lot of times, when there is a celebrity death, conspiracy theorists will say the person was killed because they were going to reveal something about the Illuminati. Like Michael Jackson. When he died, there were rumours that he was going to become Muslim. He had a lot of fans, and the Illuminati killed him, according to these theorists, because they were afraid his fans would convert (or revert, as they say) to Islam. I don’t really believe these conspiracy theories, because they seem very fake.

However, I often see both sides of issues. I can see how there might be a global elite. One important thing about the Illuminati is that it does not believe in God or the devil. It believes in human beings realizing their full potential without outside help. They worship themselves, in other words. Of course, some view this as blasphemous. I can easily believe that there is a powerful organization that controls world’s events, because regardless of which political party gets into power, nothing really ever changes economically for the common person.


We should each have the liberty to believe what we want to believe. There should be diversity of ideas, so that we can figure out if we think an idea is good or bad. And we shouldn’t feel like if we think a certain way, that people are going to be mean to us. We should all have that freedom. Even if the ideas are very controversial, we should examine them.

Emotional Intelligence

If someone does a bad thing to us, we should forgive them. If our enemy kills us, we should not kill them back, because then we are no better than they are. It’s true that there is self defence. It can be hard, though, to really know who started fighting, especially hundreds or even thousands of years ago. But consider this: Every time American soldiers go into the Middle East because of 9/11, ISIS has an excuse to continue the violence. But violence is never the answer. Some people feel like the United States brings the violence on itself because its leaders kill Muslims, for example, so that they can get their hands on a country’s oil. Others point out that America gives a lot of financial aid to other countries. But regardless, I think that war needs to end completely.


This is one of the quotes that I came up with myself. Fill in the blanks to get the full quote. The answer will be in next week’s edition.

W — R — S W — — S — — R . A — — — — — S S — R — — M.

This means that what a person does is a lot more important than what they say.


Plato was an ancient philosopher. To contemplate means to think about something. So I thought it would be nice to combine the words for this section of my newspaper into ‘Contemplato.’ Here’s a question and if you want to answer it, please feel free to respond to jaclynhollandstrauss@hotmail.com:

Should America stay out of the Middle East completely?

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