Amphiist 15: Iran’s protests

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Amphiist 15: Iran’s protests

Mainstream media perspective

The current Iranian protests have been driven by young people who are fed up with the clerical elite’s greed over keeping the money obtained from the nuclear deal with President Obama, rather than distributing among the populace. Iran’s Supreme Leader and President Rouhani are both being criticized for their role in funding wars that young Iranians don’t feel are in their national interests. The money going towards fighting unnecessary wars could be used for subsidizing the youth in terms of jobs, education, etc.


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The Other Side


What the New York Times didn’t mention in this article is that there is an axis of evil, comprised of certain bad actors worldwidel. The mainstream media loves to tell lies about leaders like Bashar al Assad and how he poisons his own people, a blatant falsehood. Why would he? The media loves to also libel Russian President Vladimir Putin, because he is fighting the globalists. It is not anti-Semitic to say that Israel is one of the bad state actors, because the Amphiist has no problem with the average Jew, or average anyone. The thing that the NYT article got right is that the elite DOES take advantage of the masses, and this needs to stop. But it never will until people wake up and realize the extent of the treason that different countries’ leaders have inflicted upon the masses.

Iranians are beginning to fight back. They are Shia Muslims. Islam has 73 sects, one of which is Shia. These people believe that the Prophet Mohammed named a successor, Ali ibn Abi Talib, and that his descendants became Imams, whom Muslims should follow. They are the biggest victims of ISIS. The Wahhabis believe Shias have apostasized. The Shia accordingly have been persecuted for centuries. The persecution continues today at the hands of Israel and the US.


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