Was the Christchurch massacre a false flag?

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I have seen some people stating on Twitter that the Christchurch attack in New Zealand over the past weekend is a false flag. However, the only thing I can think of in common with past attacks is the confusion over whether or not there were multiple attackers. When I did a poll on my Twitter feed, the vast majority feel that it’s just conspiracy theory nonsense to think of the Christchurch massacre as a false flag, but I thought I would write a brief article going over some of the characteristics of false flags attack and see how many of these traits the Christchurch massacre exhibits. Other than the above-mentioned confusion over multiple shooters or just one shooter, here are some other characteristics of false flag attacks: The videos after the fact have been taken down. This could mean that the powers-that-be have something to hide, or it could mean that they merely do not want anyone to be incited by viewing the tragic video. An accompanying question I have, by the way, is why Facebook is permitted to show these videos? I heard, although I’m not sure, that the original video while it was happening in real time was disseminated on Facebook. There are also questions about the blood stains, another common theme in false flags.


Ultimately, I think such theories are simply amateurs trying to gain excitement of feeling like they are in the know. It helps them feel superior to others. But it’s another tragedy because the victims of the murdered families have to grieve twice, once for their fallen loved ones, and again for the implication that they don’t have a right to grieve because the tragic event supposedly did not occur.



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  1. Meezer

    What asinine reasoning you employ. You dismiss any interrogation of the official narrative as a “conspiracy theory” because you “think” that anyone who is open-minded to the possibility that this was a staged event “are simply amateurs trying to gain excitement of feeling like they are in the know. It helps them feel superior to others”. You present no evidence for arriving at this conclusion, only that it is what you “think”. I feel sorry for anyone gullible enough to purchase your scribblings because, as evidenced by your puerile post above, they will doubtless be replete with vainglorious musings and bereft of any actual facts.

    Anyone who presents a poll of a Twitter feed as any kind of evidence of anything other than abject stupidity, is a certifiable moron. I would suggest you watch the Christchurch video that was banned in New Zealand and then take the next step in learning to think independently and form your own conclusions, rather than consult your goldfish bowl of peers for the answers.

  2. Jaclyn Holland-Strauss

    Your point is well taken. In fact, since I wrote this article, in general, I’m far more sympathetic to ‘conspiracy theories.’ I think Covid-19 is what turned me around. An obvious power grab. Thank you very much for your feedback!

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