Amphiist 85: The dangers of extremism

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Amphiist (85): The danger few are talking about

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November 3, 2018                                   Today in the…

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There is a danger facing us today that few are discussing, because few are aware of what’s going on in the online community, particularly with regard to the social media platform Youtube, where people watch videos on a wide range of subjects. And there is a way to solve the problems the world is facing.

The Ralph Retort’s Killstream is a Youtube show which discusses the issues of the day. There is a feature called superchats. What this is, is people paying money to have their comments read out loud and given priority in the right hand chat screen when someone is doing a stream. The problem arises when the content of these superchats is racist and worse. Insults against Jews, Muslims, people of colour, and the LGBTQ2 community are common and disgusting. On Sept 29, of this year, this show raised money for kids with cancer. It is understandable that despite the $27,000 that was raised by The Ralph Retort, St. Jude would not want to accept money from such people. However, people can still make individual donations. St. Jude has no way of knowing who offers donations if it is done privately. If Ethan Ralph’s listeners refuse to do so, then their outrage is not over the kids with cancer receiving help, their outrage is over not being able to exhibit the Nazi mindset in their superchats.

The danger is that The Ralph Retort encouraged people on Twitter to retweet the hashtag to the effect that the Wall Street Journal kills children with cancer. It is not even for sure that the WSJ is the one who encouraged St. Jude to refuse the donations. It is entirely possible that St. Jude made the decision on their own.

Although I side with the Wall Street Journal and the powers-that-be obviously (there is no room for hate speech, because if it is allowed to continue, we are likely to see future Holocausts), I would like to point out the dangerous part of all of this.

Youtube shut down Ethan Ralph’s Youtube account because they are taking this problem of hate speech very seriously. Although deplatforming him will do good, because it will restrict his ability a little bit to communicate his message, the reality is that he did not miss a night before he was streaming again. He immediately went over to dLive and had a normal show, where the insults and hate speech continued with abandon. He will continue to get his money, because he advertised on Twitter that he moved to the new venue, dLive. He can still use the payment processor StreamLabs to get money from his fanatical viewers. He lost nothing. So the danger comes from the fact that his viewers will become even more fanatical, because they will feel that the powers that be are united against them. This, coupled with the Twitter hashtag about how the WSJ kills kids with cancer, raises the stakes so that this cannot continue.

These coy, disingenuous Youtubers like to pretend that this is an issue about censorship and that all censorship is evil. And they like to ask, “Who is next?” They like to pretend that anyone who isn’t a leftist globalist will be censored and that thus, everyone has a responsibility to protect Ethan Ralph and his cohorts. I may reedit this for clarity, as I am emotional as I write this. So many dangerous things are going on in the world. Amphiism says that if the powers that be are going to come down on these people, those with the Nazi mindset, then they need to go the whole way. If Ethan Ralph didn’t have a Twitter account, he would not have been able to advertise his dLive stream last night. If he did not have a payment processor, then he would not find it so easy to collect money from the people who donate to him.

The problem is that because of the new technology of cryptocurrency, there may be no way to really digitally silence the voices of these Nazi-minded people. Again, the Nazi mindset, according to Amphiism, is not just the Hitler-type Nazi but anyone who creates ingroups and outgroups, with the decided goal to eliminate the outgroups as much as possible, either through creation of an ethnostate, genocide, etc. I am not sure what the solution to all of this, but I think part of it is the following: We need to make sure that we talk about the valid points that all groups make, while making sure they are not allowed to go too far. It is like a parent with children. Ethan Ralph and his allies are like a bunch of bullying highschool kids who love nothing more than to harass their teacher and get the teacher in trouble. Then the analogy goes, they get money from like-minded people to buy the teacher a rotten apple. The best way to handle disobedient kids is not to make martyrs out of them, but instead to humour them, let them get away with a little of the mischief that they want to engage in, but stop the line at anything serious. We shouldn’t make martyrs out of them. They are overjoyed at getting banned from Youtube. All of this is happening because of the mid-term elections in the US coming up next week. Both sides are trying to score points. Ethan Ralph’s fans are going to be even more emboldened to vote Republican because of this scandal over the St. Jude donations. The final result of everything that has gone down over the last 24 hours is that now there is a bunch of Nazi-minded people who are even angrier than they were before. I hope that their anger doesn’t cause them to cast votes which will further endanger the constitutional republic of the United States.



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