Vision Boards

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A vision board can be as simple as a piece of Bristol board with a bunch of clippings pasted to it, of different sizes. The idea is to decide what matters the most to you in life, and then build a kind of word cloud centering around those concepts. If you want to be a famous writer, paste a newspaper clipping about yourself (obviously, before you turn this desire into reality, you will need to make up the article yourself).


Posting these clippings will strengthen the vibration of you becoming a famous writer. It will help create that reality. There will come a time when you no longer will need a vision board (Oprah apparently no longer uses one) because you will be so good at manifesting that the vision board will seem unnecessary. Clipping pictures and text from magazines is one good way of procuring the material you need for your vision board. Printing what people are posting on social media is also valuable.


Put the vision board somewhere you can see it on a regular basis. Every time you see at least a part of it, you will strengthen the vibration. A vision board is not meant to be static; it’s meant to be dynamic. As you live your life, your exact goals will change (short term and long term) and allow your vision board to reflect that reality. Perhaps you have already accomplished something on your vision board. You can either remove that part and replace it with something else, remove it and leave that part bare, or just leave what you have already accomplished there. Or if you have made something up in an article, but a real article exists on the same topic, then replace the inauthentic with the real.


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