Amphiist 56: Muslims are being attacked in Syria due to Muslim usury laws, and for oil

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There are many sides fighting to influence our world view

We need to listen to all of them (free speech)

Including what the mainstream media refuses to cover

The rest of us are entitled to our perspectives:

The Amphiist defends the views of the oppressed

Amphiist is a Greek word meaning looking at both sides

Amphiist (56)

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April 11, 2018                             Today in the…

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Mainstream Media

Donald Trump allegedly published a tweet today, on April 11, 2018, where he gave a warning to Assad, referring to him as a gas killing animal who kills his people. Trump complained that Russia is helping Syria, but he warned reportedly that if Russia helps Syria, then America will attack Russia. According to the mainstream media, Assad, as Trump says, is a monster who kills millions of Syrians with chemical weapons. Russia’s Putin and Syria’s Assad are bad actors, intent on destruction. Assad and Putin are dictators who are merciless in the treatment of their own people. For a more nuanced take on these issues, turn the page over.


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The Other Side


We need to provide a counterpoint to the mainstream media on these issues. The Western media is united on one point: Assad and Putin are evil, and hurt their own people. In actual fact, it is the neocons in Washington and their allies who have no love for humanity and will exploit them for financial gain (not the average people of ANY country). There could be a possible exception to the average American who voted for Trump. Such white people are just as racist and hateful as the elite they fawn over, but they fortunately do not have the power that the elite do.

I am a private tutor for international students, and they all adore Assad and Putin, whether they are Christian or Muslim, poor or rich. There are many pictures of Assad with laughing children and adoring citizens. There is only one reason why the elite wishes to war with Syria. It is oil. It is the fact that Assad can’t be bullied (and neither can Putin) to go along with the elite’s violent agenda. They also hate the Muslim rule against usury.

This situation will never change until there are newspapers that cover the Muslim perspective, and politicians who rush to please Muslim demographics in the West.

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