Amphiist 33: A defence of Vladimir Putin

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There are many sides fighting to influence our world view

We need to listen to all of them (free speech)

Including what the mainstream media refuses to cover

The rest of us are entitled to our perspectives:

Shia Muslims, men’s rights, socialists, etc.

Amphiist is a Greek word meaning looking at both sides

Amphiist (33)

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Mainstream media perspective

Vladimir Putin is a convenient target on Twitter (an example of the mainstream social media), and recently Jack Dorsey has gone so far as to warn people when they have liked or retweeted a Russian-sympathetic account. They aren’t banned, but they are warned that they might be a victim of fake news.

Putin is vilified due to his assistance to Bashar al Assad in the Syrian war. Putin is also called a brutal dictator by the MSM. The media also hates him because he defends Christianity. They mention regularly his suppression of journalists who disagree with him, and they go so far as to accuse him of murdering dissidents.

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The Other Side

Putin has so many laudable qualities that it’s a shame that the MSM disseminates so many lies about him. He takes on the violent globalists who, in Russia, take the form of powerful oligarchs. Donald Trump is commonly referred to as playing four-dimensional chess, but Putin really does this. He lets the enemy thinks he is on their side, regains control of the situation, and then does what he wants.

Putin rescued Russia’s economy soon after he got into power at the end of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st. In his second term, Russia saw 7% growth, a very impressive figure in today’s climate. Putin is a champion of the middle class, the most important sector of society. Russian citizens pay fair taxes and don’t go to prison if they are unable to pay.

Putin’s brand of Christianity believes that people should be able to worship how they choose, and that people should live their lives with morals. He is also a champion of the nuclear family. He espouses religious tolerance, but insists on morality being taught in school.

No one is perfect, including Putin. I myself am a peaceful globalist, someone who believes in very open borders and very open sexuality. But I can’t fault a great man who has done so much for his country.

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