Unfaithful husband, bad political leader?

· Philosophy, Politics, Popular culture

A lot of politicians have cheated on their wives. I think that most men, if given the possibility, will cheat on their wives, unless they are very religious. Especially in this more secular day and age, when fewer people even pretend to be religious, it is hard to find a faithful man outside of an established religion. That is not to say that it never happens, but I feel that it is rare. The question is, does this mean that they are not suitable to lead a country? Bill Clinton cheated on his wife with a number of different women. But the economy did well under him. In other areas, he was not as impressive in terms of policy, although even a lot of Republicans agreed with many of his policies, since he practiced triangulation, which basically means that he was politically realistic or pragamatic enough to adopt policies that the other party would favour if it meant good electoral results for Clinton. If a man is unfaithful to his wife, does that mean he is going to be unfaithful to his country?  

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