Why I like Khloe Kardashian’s co-hosting the X Factor

· Humour, Popular culture

The chemistry between Khloe Kardashian and Simon Cowell is adorable. He needs to button his shirt, and Mario Lopez can start wearing his the way Simon does now. But Khloe doesn’t need to change anything, except perhaps it would be good to convince Mario to not hate her. Because I think he does. And he’s not that particular about hiding it. The body language reveals everything. She will put her hand on his back and he does not acknowledge her existence. And every once in a while he will give her a look that says, “What the heck are you DOING?” But to her credit, she does not let it get to her. She seems impervious to it. I have no idea why he wouldn’t like her, but it makes for some awkward viewing.


I’ve noticed that she’s stopped smiling so much, which is good. She needed to change it up a bit. The best part about her performance as a co-host is her chemistry with Simon Cowell. She jokes around with him in a way that suggests she is totally comfortable. And it shows. Many people seem overwhelmed by him, but she is like a sister that knows she can get away with saying whatever he wants. And he seems very amused by her, like he gets her brand of humour. I think the show would be better if they got rid of Mario Lopez (whom I normally like, but not in this venue) and brought back Steve from last year to co-host with Khloe. I think they would be a very good match.


On last night’s show, Khloe did something that I really liked a lot. The judges were criticizing contestants on song choice, and Khloe very legitimately pointed out that they should be aware that some of the viewers picked out the songs, not the contestants themselves. And she said it in a way that wasn’t rude, but in a casual, breezy style that was not offensive in the slightest. She really adds a lot to the show, in my opinion. She puts the ‘reality’ in this reality show. But not in an overbearing way.



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