22 Christians arrested for praying..what is America coming to?

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The United States was founded on Christian ideas and principles. Most of the Founding Fathers were self-professed Christians, and one of the issues they were most concerned about is a very Christian principle: that of freedom from tyranny. They did not want to be tyrannized by Britain and unfair tax laws. They wanted to be able to have their own say about affairs were conducted in their colony.


They cared so much about freedom that they believed that even if you say something unpopular, you should have the right to express it. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of press, religion, and speech. Its purpose is to protect speech that is controversial; otherwise, there would be no point in having the amendment in the first place.


However, nowadays, this amendment is violated on a regular basis. On September 29, 2012, 22 peaceful ralliers were arrested when caught praying outside the White House. Thanks, President Obama. This is not the first time (and won’t be the last time) that he has violated the First Amendment. What is this world coming to?


Not only did the above happen, but also around the time of the recent Democratic National Convention, we were told that the Democratic Party was planning to remove any reference to God in the official Democratic platform. At the last minute, this decision was reversed. It just goes to show you how secular the Democratic party, and America overall, is becoming.


It seems like every day there is a new story about how someone got in trouble for expressing their Christian faith. It is not just Muslims who are being discriminated against; it is also Christians, which is completely mind-boggling, since the United States was certainly founded on Christian principles. Especially in the area of school, people are going to extraordinary measures to make sure that God is erased as much as possible from the public education system. Children get in trouble for praying; school programs have to include references to every religion known to humankind, etc. Some of the stories are truly ridiculous.


It doesn’t matter what else America ever gets right. If it removes God, or attempts to minimize the importance of God, the country is doomed to failure. There is no way that an individual, or a nation, can remove God from their lives without paying the spiritual consequences.


Source for the first part of this article: http://politichicks.tv/column/22-christians-arrested-for-praying-in-front-of-wh/


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  1. B

    “What is this world coming to” a question everyone asks but the answer is found in the scriptures and all that is happening has been made known to us from God. Dive into the Bible and fall on your knees. Praise be to God!

    • admin

      That’s very true! It’s all outlined in the Bible, and detailed. People think they are coming up with new ways to sin, but God is never surprised.

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