Ellie Black: An Olympian from Halifax! And a darn good role model, too.

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It is exciting that we have a local girl at the Olympics! Ellie Black helped her team in the artistic section of gymnastics make Canadian history. They placed higher than any team ever has before, and she is one of us! On Sunday, Black will participate in the vault section of gymnastics. Whether or not she actually wins, the 16-year-old should be immensely proud of herself. Sometimes Halifax and its people seem almost cut off from the rest of the world, but clearly there are some among us who are helping us exist on the world stage! Congratulations, Ellie Black, and her trainer. Behind every great gymnast, and Olympian, there is a great trainer.


It is nice to see, when so many teenagers are confused about their role in the world, such a great role model in Ms. Black. She can show young women that if you believe in something hard enough, you can achieve it. Just being able to participate in the Olympics makes someone a winner, and the colour of an award will never change that. When it comes to being a role model for young girls, she has already won the gold. You don’t have to be from a huge city to make your place in the world and if today you have not reached your goals, maybe tomorrow you will. 

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