Amphiist 35: Feedback on my article about cuckoldry

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Amphiist is a Greek word meaning looking at both sides

Amphiist (35): Feedback Issue

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Mainstream media perspective

Ian Kerner, writing for CNN, recently published an article about how cuckoldry has some positive aspects. This term means that it can be healthy for a marriage if a woman cheats on her husband, usually right in front of him, so he can also enjoy the encounter. Kerner writes that instead of showing weakness, which cucks are often accused of, they are actually strong. Although he doesn’t directly say it, I imagine he is saying that only a very self-confident male could handle this situation. Kerner refers to Justin Lehmiller’s Tell Me What You Want. Kerner’s article itself can be found at

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The Other Side

I received interesting feedback about Amphiist 34 (Part 1 of the discussion of Ian Kerner’s article on cucking). Someone mentioned that it reflected the male perspective, but not the female. I thought this was interesting, because it shows an amphiistic perspective, that is seeing both sides.

The female perspective on the issue of cucking, according to this person, is that women of colour get jealous when a man of colour picks an attractive white woman over them. What I said in the last article was somewhat tongue-in-cheek. I am not really advocating that people in a marriage should cheat on their spouses with someone else, specifically with a white man allowing his wife to sleep with a man of colour in order to let the brown or black man show his sexual superiority. But I would like to point out that it is no more radical than what the altright discusses on a regular basis, that it’s ok to be white, and that the white race is superior to all others. And I stick by my assertion that it takes a very self-confident man to allow his woman to do this. It’s not for the weak!  My mother is white, and the most sensational person I’ve ever met. So I’m definitely not hating on whites. But I’m increasingly looking for ways to address the issue of the evil that white male leaders have perpetuated for centuries.

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