Recurrent themes in gun shootings in the United States: Lone Star, Newtown, Portland, etc.

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There are 3 recurrent themes that are often discussed when we refer to school shootings in the United States. One is the existence of multiple shooters. One is SWAT teams rushing to rescue (or not). One is armed guards. All three of these are routinely mentioned when these shootings are discussed.

Let’s look first at the issue of multiple shooters. Someone posted on my website in the comments section yesterday that one of the reasons why they believe what happened at Sandy Hook was a conspiracy is that there was no SWAT team engaged to go to the school when news of the tragedy spread. In yesterday’s Lone Star college shooting, there were allegedly 2 shooters who were in a confrontation. One of the shooters has disappeared; the other is in custody, but no arrests have yet been made. Often there are initial reports of multiple shooters in these cases, but then later, the original story is corrected. Some people feel that this is because the government clamps down on the truth, while others feel that the initial press reports are incorrect, and later rectified to be more accurate.

The second recurring theme is SWAT teams. Such a team was present at yesterday’s Lone Star college shooting. Does this mean that conspiracy theorists will lend more credibility to this tragedy? This situation is different from mass shootings like what happened in Newtown, Connecticut. It will be interesting to see if conspiracy theories spring up about this event as well. After all, the more shootings there are for any reason, it is more likely that the American people will start to insist on stricter gun control laws, and this is at the heart of theories as to why the government presents these false flag operations. Is there a connection between the fact that in Texas there is the potential law about guns on campuses, and then this happens at Lone Star?

On Erin Burnett’s Out Front last night on CNN, she discussed with her panel the issue of armed guards. Interestingly, there is currently a law being pursued in Texas (the state where the Lone Star shooting took place yesterday, in Houston) whereby a person 21 years or older would be able to carry a gun on a university campus. Also interestingly, there were armed guards at the college where the shooting happened, so the argument that armed guards mean more safety is suspect. However, a defender of that argument on Burnett’s show last night asked the question of who knows how bad it could have gotten if armed guards had not intervened?

So many shootings in such a short space of time does make a person begin to ask questions. Is there an agenda here beyond the simple fact that more people are committing copycat crimes? What do you think? 

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