Are the new One Life to Live and All My Children any good?

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The answer to this question is a resounding yes! They are both like a breath of fresh air. Because the shows are not on networks, the producers have more freedom to be more adult in their depiction of these fictional characters. Four-letter words are uttered (no, not that one, at least not yet). On One Life to Live, Shelter is the new name for Capricorn, Blair’s club. Cougars have been mentioned! Todd and Victor have been in the same room! On All My Children, Erica is nowhere to be found, but the rather good-looking gentleman pictured above (he plays Opal’s son) is there in all his glory! Today he mentioned to Opal that he was going to take a shower. I do find this unforgivable, his mentioning a shower and then in the next scene we see him fully clothed. However, he was wearing a tight sweater underneath his blazer, so all was not lost.


All My Children is not a show I was watching at the end of its run on ABC. However, I am familiar with who is a veteran and who is not. Jesse and Angie are there. Joe was on today. As mentioned, Erica is nowhere to be found but Bianca did mention her today. I saw Dixie and her magnificent hair. I saw Tad’s finger in a symbol of how everyone feels about Brian Frons.


One Life to Live’s veterans are mostly accounted for. Viki is there, and has the honour of the first scene, which is certainly appropriate. Dorian and Viki are feuding, thank goodness. David is there, awkward as ever. Bo and Nora are there, and fortunately doing more than dancing in the opening. Tea, Todd, Victor, Blair are all there. Kelley Missal is doing a fantastic job portraying a Dani who is addicted to drugs, probably because of her messed-up families. Cutter is there, but unfortunately the Prospect Park dictate on scantily-clad males has not filtered down to him yet. He is flirting, however, with Rama (where is Vimal? I love Vimal!) and Natalie both. I don’t miss John at all, I find. I do kind of miss Jessica, though, and Roxie. And the Fords. I know a lot of people will disagree with me about that, but I think they would be the perfect addition to the new style. And I think Lenny Platt is extremely underrated as an actor. Sure he’s so hot the sun is considering filing a lawsuit against him, but he has also has the acting goods to back the looks up. If you follow him on Twitter, you know that his real-life personality is extremely different from his persona as Nate Ford. And David Gregory is sorely missed. Chandelier, you have been bad! Very, very bad!


The mixture of veterans we love and exciting new young performers is a recipe for success. The issues seem a lot younger in focus, like drugs on One Life to Live, references to baby mamas, and political scandals. On All My Children, Bianca’s lesbianism is completely accepted. I’m excited to see the new style of soap operas. I highly recommend these news shoes to anyone who loved the old ones, and even those who have never seen either show. You are in for a treat.

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