Muslims and Mormons: More alike than different?

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The word ‘Mormons’ refers to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Obviously the term ‘Mormons’ erases any reference to Jesus Christ, so this nickname for this group of people does them a disservice from the perspective of trying to evaluate if they are Christian or not.




My take on the Mormons is nuanced. I was a member from May 22, 1991 … well, I’m still a member technically, but I stopped going to Church around 9 years later, in 2000, if I remember correctly. The story of my time in the Mormon church is told in the metaphorical story, He Talks To Me, Too, a novel that traces the journey of a young girl as she deals with bad leaders who almost spiritually destroy her through their lack of compassion, lies, false accusations, etc. The first 3 chapters of this book, if you would like to read a sample, can be found at I’m just waiting for the cover art for the book; in a few weeks, you can purchase the book at or directly on this site.




My book is not anti-Mormon or against organized religion; it is about what happens when people within an organized religion do not behave as they should.




Now, to the article I’m summarizing, which can be found at




Islam and Mormonism both have Prophets, although Mormons believe Jesus Christ was also the Son of God in addition to being a Prophet. Muslims believe that more important prophets have come after, like Mohammed. Mormons believe that Prophet Joseph Smith came after as well. Both Mohammed and Joseph Smith were visited by angels, the religions teach, and gave scriptures to the people.




Muslims and Mormons also both fast and believe in rituals. Both Muslims and Mormons forbid drinking and gambling. Both of these religions have leaders move up through the ranks without official seminary training.



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