What do Gene Rosen and Robbie Parker have in common? They are both victims of anti-religion bullying!

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On the cockroachalley website, the site runners show a video of Gene Rosen as he tearfully describes his involvement in the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy which happened in December, 2012. The title of the video refers to this being an audition for the grandfather. They are implying that he is a crisis actor.


It seems as though the people of Newtown cannot win. Robbie Parker has something in common with Rosen. Parker was also criticized, and is continuing to be criticized, for smiling and joking before the press conference he gave after he lost his daughter, Emilie, in the mass shooting which claimed 20 childrens’ lives, and 8 adults’ lives as well. So if someone involved with the tragedy cries, he is auditioning to be a crisis actor. If someone smiles, they are not grieving properly, in accordance with the demands of truthers, and is equally condemned.


Rosen’s involvement with the tragedy comes from the fact that six children went to his home, which is very near the school where the mass shooting took place, and asked him what they were going to do now that their teacher was dead. This is what made Rosen break down when he was talking to the interviewer in the interview described in the video shown on the cockroach site.


According to another source, Salon.com, Rosen is Jewish. This is something else that Rosen and Parker have in common. No, Parker is not Jewish; he is Mormon. Both men are being bullied. Occasional references to their religious and ethnic origins surface when people are complaining about them. Is the root cause of the bullying against these two, that they have each suffered from for weeks, their ethnic and religious backgrounds? We live in an increasingly secular society. Religion is frowned upon, and downright ridiculed by many. On one board, according to this site, a member of it referred to Rosen as an emotional Jewish guy. The fact that he is Jewish is, of course, irrelevant, so why did this person bother to include the information in their slur?


There is no definite evidence that the bullying which victimizes people like Rosen and Parker is based on ethnic or religious prejudice. But it is an important issue. The possibility is there.


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