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Issue 4: September 25, 2015


I have many points of difference with President Barack Obama. However, one thing I appreciate about his administration is his commitment to diversity. Also, I like his comparative isolationism. With regard to diversity, Attorney General Eric Holder recently visited Ferguson and let the residents there know that he understood what it’s like as a black man to be pulled over on the road for no reason. We need a diversity of ideas like this to show empathy for the marginalized (while at the same time not condoning the race-baiting antics of such individuals as Al Sharpton). It’s good for powerful people to show their empathy for people without power.



Don’t put people in a box. There are nice conservatives, bad conservatives, good Muslims, bad Muslims, good Chinese people, bad Chinese, good Japanese, bad Japanese, good white people, bad white people, etc. Every group has bad people in it. If we have an experience with one member of a group, it doesn’t mean we can make generalizations about that group of people. This sounds obvious, but we all do it as a matter of habit, without really thinking about it.



I agree with several things the Pope has had to say on his current visit to America. We must honour all refugees. If some of them belong to ISIS, and are only pretending to be refugees, that chance must be taken. There are many Americans, after all, who are pretending to be something they are not. Open borders, with certain security restrictions, help more people live the American Dream. Unless, of course, the intended visitors are proven criminals/terrorists.


What they don’t teach in school

‘Crisis actors’ is the term used for people who are supposedly hired to pretend to be people grieving because of a terrorist-related tragedy. The idea is that in a false-flag event, fake mourners are needed to sell the idea of the tragedy, so the government has more legitimacy to issue legislation like the Patriot Act or Bill C51 to rob people of our rights.

Did you know???

America: Founded as a Christian nation?

You might be surprised to learn that America was founded on BOTH Christian and Muslim principles. Some of the Founding Fathers believed in Jesus Christ (some were Atheists), but they believed that He was a role model, not the Son of God. Muslims, like the Founding Fathers, believe that Jesus was a Prophet, but not divine. Christians believe Christ died for our sins through the Atonement. The New Testament shows what is possible for individuals because of the Atonement, the Old Testament shows what would have happened for punishment if it hadn’t been for the Atonement. Dr. Ben Carson was recently asked if he would support a Muslim President of the United States. He said no, but perhaps he doesn’t realize that some of the Founding Fathers held the views they did.




Saying of the Week:If you can’t see the good in someone, look for the good in yourself, and then look at the other person again.


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