Murder of the middle class (Obamacare): A new thriller by Barack Obama

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The government shutdown is over. But the murder of the middle class continues unabated. The liberal bias of the media does not talk a lot about the underlying fundamental reason for the government shutdown in the first place. That is the Republican-attempted defunding of Obamacare, which is a very principled stand to take because it is a socialist agenda. America was not built on socialism and just because Obama likes that political philosophy, I don’t see why America needs to fundamentally change, just due to the fact that now there’s a very different voting demographic in America.


One of the main tenets of socialism is the redistribution of wealth. The rich give to the poor, not necessarily because they want to or should, but that is what the State wants. So it happens. Younger men as a result of Obamacare will have their health costs increased by 97 to 99 percent (so they will roughly double), and younger women will have their health costs increased by 55 to 62 percent. And in case you think this is some rabid Republican-inspired group of statistics, consider that it was Obama’s own Health and Human Services that released this data.


If people shop for health insurance, according to Forbes, they will likely see their rates go up considerably. Remember when Steve Forbes ran for President? He espoused the value of a flat tax, and I totally agreed with him. It would be a lot harder to redistribute taxes under such a scheme, proving that Forbes is a capitalist. I’d far rather see Forbes running the country than Obama. Of course, I’d far, far rather see Ron Paul running the country than Obama. Then again, you could make a case for me running the country more than Obama! We have a lot in common—I’m not an American citizen, either. (Just kidding—I don’t have an opinion on the whole birth certificate controversy—no idea where the man was born). Regardless of the location of Obama’s birth, there is no confusion about how he has contributed to the death of America.


Under Obamacare, younger and healthier people, as the above stats show, will pay more, and older, sicker people will pay less. Now does that make sense? John McCain misses the point when he says that the Republicans should not have taken a stand on defunding Obamacare.


The Illuminati wants to get rid of the middle class because it is the existence of a middle class that makes a country so great. America became the great country it has the potential to be because of its construction of an unbeatable middle class that helped run the country because of the taxes it paid. And this is the thanks they get. Who was it who said the only thing that evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing? Something like that. It’s truer now than it ever has been.



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