October 17 government shutdown news, and Chicago predicted site of next Illuminati false flag

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October 17, today, is the final day for the United States government parties to come to an agreement concerning the government shutdown. In other words, if the debt ceiling is not raised, then the United States will default on the payments it needs to make. Is it coincidence that today is also the time chosen for a drill? The drill being a Massive Earthquake drill involving FEMA (the folks who did such a great job with Hurricane Katrina right) and DHS, the Department of Homeland Insecurity, oops Security. I’ll have to check my typos more carefully! 37 states will be involved with this earthquake drill.


It makes a lot of sense, because Washington, DC stands on an enormous fault line, and . . . oh, wait. It’s very odd that the government claims to be shutdown at a time when they are simultaneously performing a massive drill that requires an enormous (this time, it really is enormous!) amount of government resources.


Has it occurred to you (it probably has) that things always reach a resolution when they have to when the government shuts down, etc? It’s almost like…oh, I don’t know…that they could somehow manage to solve problems before the deadlines. No, sorry, I had a crazy moment there.


Since real events often follow these false flags (like what happened on 9/11), is it possible that there is going to be an actual earthquake coming up? For a look see on an article that discloses a prediction on what the next false flag might be, keep scrolling down.

Source http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/10/oct-17-is-shakeout-day-dhsfema-earthquake-false-flag-exercise-to-coincide-with-u-s-default-2795684.html


Is Chicago the site of the next false flag event?

The drill mentioned above is only one of ten that the DHS and FEMA have jointly run over the last little while. 10 drills in a period of little more than six weeks seems impossible based on the past history of such drills, but for some reason in 2013, that is exactly what’s going on. Examining the history of FEMA purchase orders is illuminating (see what I did there?). It seems as though there will be a need for emergency supplies soon.


The catalyst or cause of such a Chicago false flag attack might be the Petrodollar scheme. What is a petrodollar? It’s an American dollar that can be earned through the sale of oil from one country to another one. This could serve as a pretext of attacking Iran if the Petrodollar scheme is compromised. As we have seen in World War One and other conflicts, often one country’s involvement in a war carries with it other countries and their civilians. In this case, World War 3 could erupt if Russia and China join forces with Iran.


The article I’m summarizing goes on to say that the U. S government has supplied terrorists with arms that could destroy an airliner and if this happens, Syria’s Bashar Alassad could be blamed, serving as a reason for WW3. If this occurs, it would provide the American government with an ostensible reason for the implementation of martial law.


The article goes on to offer some indirect evidence that Chicago might be the site for the next false flag attack. President Obama (sometimes I like to give people titles that don’t make sense; it’s like naming your cat King Vidor) does not plan on returning to Chicago upon his leaving office, but instead plans to move to Hawaii.


FEMA and DHS are planning mass graves in Chicago. Why? Rahm Emanuel downgraded from his White House job to mayor of Chicago. Why? A false flag seems necessary if Obama wants to leave a legacy of something positive. 9/11 made the unpopular Bush popular at least for a while.


2nd Source http://thecommonsenseshow.com/2013/10/08/the-case-for-chicago-becoming-the-next-false-flag-event/

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