Is Robbie Parker an actor? Anderson Cooper addresses the issue.

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Anderson Cooper has decided to talk about the conspiracy theories about the mass shooting that recently occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. One of the most interesting parts of the discussion occurred for me when Cooper quoted Robbie Parker as saying that people need to focus on what is important, and not be derailed from that. This is the only response I have heard Parker make to the conspiracy theories.


In this case, it is impossible for the conspiracy theory to be true. There is no way that Parker could be an actor, because another person who lives in Newtown would say that is not Robbie Parker. People who paid Parker as a crisis actor would not be able to have the guarantee that someone in the local community would not out the fact that either there was no Robbie Parker, or that Parker did exist, but the man on television pretending to be Parker was in reality just an actor.


In order for the conspiracy to be real, the entire town would have to be in on it. Now, which is easier to believe, the fact that the man pretending to be Parker is actually the man in question, or that an entire community of people is part of a conspiracy so that guns can legally be taken away from Americans? I kind of can’t even believe people feel this conspiracy might be real, let alone that it is real. It seems impossible on the surface.


So Parker smiled and laughed before his press conference. Is a person supposed to be sobbing 24/7 after a tragedy? To be honest, I’d be more suspicious of someone who displayed over-the-top behaviour like that. I might question their sincerity. And if Parker were an actor, would he not be more careful to act? He wouldn’t want anyone to see him smiling, since people might catch on to the fact that he’s an actor. The breathing techniques he was practising suggest to me that he was trying to psych himself up for appearing before the cameras. If he is an actor, why haven’t we seen him in anything else? Is he an actor for just this one appearance? And now he retires?


I have a theory for why I think some people, at least, are accusing Robbie Parker of being an actor, and it will be the subject of tomorrow’s blog. Conspiracy theorists benefit from the fact that no one can prove them wrong. But it really is disgusting that these people in Newtown are forced to suffer two tragedies; the initial death of many of their community’s children, and now they are accused of being a town of actors. Actually, as I write that, I am not even sure of exactly what the conspiracy theorists are contending. Because what they say makes so little sense I can’t even really put it into words.



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  1. val

    After Benghazi we should question Everything…nothing is impossible if or govt can make the whole world believe a fabrication.

    • admin

      I agree that we should always question the government and not assume that human nature is better than it is. On the other hand, for the Sandy Hook tragedy to be a conspiracy, and totally fake, in my opinion too many people would have to be involved. It doesn’t seem to be common sense. But I am a cynical and jaded person normally, so I completely understand why people have questions. What is your biggest red flag for the Sandy Hook tragedy (if you have one)?

  2. MeganC

    Of course someone doesn’t have to be crying 24/7 after a tragedy, but when your child, your beloved child died just 24 hours before? And you are going on t.v. to TALK about it? The transition from laughing to “crying” was instant, and a bit suspicious to me. I just don’t understand how someone can go from happy to sad that quickly. How could you be happy knowing that you are just about to talk about your dead child? Makes no sense. I don’t think there is anything wrong with questioning the story, either. I mean, if this WAS fake, it would be the perfect thing, not only for gun control, but to make the people who question it into monsters. The government is corrupt, ands controls what the media says, anyone can see that, so why would we just blindly follow what they say? I don’t know. Show me PROOF as to why it ISN’T a lie, instead of just making the questioners out to be monsters.

    • admin

      I hope I haven’t made the questioners seem like monsters. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I do agree that the change in Robbie Parker from laughing to crying was very sudden, and I think it is that suddenness that has sparked people’s suspicions. However, in order for the conspiracy to be true, so many people would have to be involved. So yes, I agree that Parker does seem a bit off, but I also think that people grieve in different ways. He just seems like a very peaceful Mormon to me. Perhaps he was smiling because he has eternal perspective, and he realizes that his child is in a better place, heaven, but then it hit him once he began talking about it in public, and he started to become emotional accordingly. It’s a possibility.

  3. JJ

    This post is ridiculous. How can you believe any of this was true. Umm if there really was a massacre you would see full swat times with Hi powered rifles in front of the place with full emergency responders on stand by not like the perfectly parked fire trucks like a movie set. Every person on the aerial shots just talking and hanging around. I am sorry this is too funny to believe. Also how do you explain the countless Facebook and website accounts that were created before this actually happened. Oh yeah let’s take up an offering for people who are considered dead before they are actually dead. Really? How do you explain the homeland security meeting that was posted on there website that was to be taking place in Conn. just a few miles away from Shady Hook to go over Emergency procedures involving children. I am sorry but look how easy it is to film a movie. Look at all the great directors. Movies capture our attention and are very appealing. This is one of the greatest hoaxes in history and a pretty easy one for actors and directors. The Producer being the government. What’s funny is how there were suppose to be over 600 children and over 100 staff members that were no where to be found. Where was the blood? The amount of supposed dead would have attracted a lot of blood that GUESS WHAT, would require a massive SANITATION GROUP! Also how funny was the medical examiner. With his laughing and taking back statements that came out prematurely. How about when asked how many children there were. ummmm IDK. How about his coming about they were all shot multiple times all over and claiming the shotgun was used because of the bullets. Hey , but wait the Federal Report was that the gun man used 4 hand guns and the rifle was left in the trunk of the car and was not used. How about the school Nurse that was interviewed by the reporter which stated she said the gunman came in the school and first shot his Mother which was a teacher. WAIT WHAT? I thought the Mom was killed at his house? Then she says she was such a great lady. NICE!!!! All of this is as sick as the GOV trying to make us think 9/11 was real also. Yea that third tower was so damaged that it came down.. LOL, delayed reaction!!!!

    • admin

      But why would people who are part of the conspiracy publish Facebook pages and website pages before the incident occurred? What would they gain from offering supposed proof that it was a planned event? On the other hand, people have templates set up for web pages and then insert relevant data afterwards. So the actual web page may have been set up before the tragedy, but the actual details would have been inserted afterward.

      Conflicting media reports could be linked to incompetence. Never underestimate the level of incompetence in the world!

  4. WHAMMO!

    Your reasoning is flawed. How do you know people haven’t come forward to expose “Robbie Parker”? Because the media hasn’t reported it? If a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one around to hear it does it make a sound?

    And you entirely miss the point of the “Robbie Parker” video. It isn’t that he is laughing that is of concern, it is the contrived transformation process that we witness him go through for the sake of the cameras.

    • admin

      It’s definitely true that the media wouldn’t report probably the people who come forward to expose Robbie Parker. But surely a conspiracy theorist would work to expose such a person? By now, there should be 1 person whom Alex Jones or someone like that would have talked to. Or they could just write a blog and get the truth out.

  5. bryan

    Your justification and reasoning is not good enough. No one smiles and laughs before an interview 1 day after your daughter was murdered. No one. Also, the town is still big enough where people wouldn’t know if there was a Robbie Parker. Not everyone knows everyone else in the town. Wake up and don’t be a sheep. Think for yourself. Too many questions never answered. How many times was each child shot? What type of ammo was used? What happened to the man in the police car ? What happened to the man in the bushes? Why were the bodies not examined and or removed until days later? Where are the medical reports of the injured. How did the Rosen guy know about the casualty list if it was not released until two days after his interview? Need I go on ? Why don’t we have any of theses answers. Typical cases have more details released after the fact than this. Something is going on and were not getting the full story. A guy in china killed 20 children and some teachers he didn’t use a gun he used sword. What is real issue. People killing children is wrong no matter how its done but let us not disrespect the dead children and make this gun issues when it way more than that. We as humans have to put aside all the propaganda and “hidden” agendas work for the better of MANKIND not the better of A group of men. See through the government’s fabrication and quit believing everything you’re told.

    • admin

      Can you explain more about Gene Rosen and the casualty list? I haven’t heard this before.

  6. bohawk

    Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather lied to us for years.

  7. GK82

    I have friends (College Football buddies) whom attended Columbine HS. One was a Senior who walked out with his buddies 3-5 minutes before the shooting started. & One whom was still inside as a sophomore when the mayhem took place. I recall them saying it was mayhem, people yelling/ screaming, and blood everywhere. Everyone was in Shock, running away or hiding for their lives.
    With Sandy Hook Newton Em, I didn’t really see any sense of urgency amongst the Responders. They had time to perfectly park the fire-trucks and A-Cars…..This organizational level maybe just due to the amount of time after the shooting. I have a 2 yr. old niece and my GF has three young children of her own. Upon hearing this I cried along with them and became rather upset.
    Yet upon watching these footages and parents speaking to the media…..$ht Don’t make Sence !

    • admin

      So do you predict that President Obama is going to institute martial law? Is that the end game?

  8. Sparky

    This is simple. the school had video cameras. let people on both sides that WE TRUST see them. let me say this. For Cooper to even dignfy this is suspicious. They are telling us to SHUT UP and take it. There are litteraly hundreds of thousands of people looking into this. WHY? Obama came out and sayd he would have new gun legislation in place in the early part of his second term. then this happenned. Right before Christmas. the guy Geneis a mental fuzzball. I wouldn’t want my kid in his house. Why didn’t he call the police? If kids told you that story would you take down stuffed animals or call 911? Why did the bus driver drop them off at his house? Because he was a nice guy? Who was the bus driver? anyone hear from him?or her? this guy worked at a Phsyciatric hospital for years, and he has never seen pain and suffering before? I know that there are some real butt holes on the planet, but this guy should have just kept his mouth shut. has anyone seen his wife yet? How about a photo of his 8 year old grandson? if anderson Pooper wants to stop all this Give us some HARD PROOF. I live in a small town too and I probably know about 5% of the parents at my kids school. Make the lie big, and swear to it, then tell everyone to shut up, or they will be prosecuted. God bless REAL Americans

  9. Michael Laverty

    Dear Friend..If this was an FEMA DHLS exercise why couldn’t this work . in fact just look at the Check in sign for actors at the fire house . then how about Ole Mr Gene Rosen’s FEMA photo in 08 Maybe you need to wake up before it’s to late.. This whole things smell’s really bad .. Hand guns that turn into long guns .and let’s NOT forget Mr unforgettable the M.E. who sound’s my like a movie director than a medical examiner for Sandy hook who’s said quote I’ve done thousands of those reports ? What ? Where and for who did he do thousands of those kinds of reports? Look champ .. Mr Patriot.. If it smell’s like shit and look’s like shit then guess what pal . It’s pure 100% Manufactured bullshit exactly like 9/11 and them thar WMD ..But you wanna know what’s NOT phony . The Wall street crew can plunder an entire nation and NO TV coverage NO investigative reporting at all No jail no arrests No prisons just bail out’s and Bonuses .. While I can’t get down the freckin street without my seatbelt on without being molested by excuse the term Law enforcement .. Maybe there new title should Be public control officer because that describes them perfectly ..

  10. keith

    Take a look at the many, many videos of ‘family of victims’ … I havent seen even ONE tear. I was closer to crying when I saw the first video of robbie parker’s words. THEN I saw the video unedited, and was shocked. Now I have seen many vids (parker,douglas,soto family,rousseau boyfriend,Hochsprung family,Reco’s Mother and a few others) and have yet to see an actual tear. (close, but no C-gar). Many of them were actually smiling. Come on, I am a 45 year old man and a twenty year EMT-I, and I had more sadness than any of these people seem to have. I’m just saying SOMETHING is extremely wrong with this picture – get real.

  11. shakey

    The whole town would have to be in on it…Whats the population of Sandy Hook. Does everybody in your city know your identity or just you friends family neighbors and coworkers? The day before 9/11 $2.3 trillion dollars worth of gov spending was announced unacciunted for. The gov can funnel dirty money at will. 2.3 trillion divided by 1000 is 2.3 billion. 10000 is 230 million. 100000 is 23 million. 1000000 is 2.3 million. You can buy an entire city, let alone a sleepy community in connecticut with that kind of money…is it really so impossible to believe when its so fucking obvious? Do you think the government gives a shit about you?

  12. shakey

    Dont forget internation private interest groups that would love to disarm the american population with deep pockets and shallow morals.

  13. Jake

    There is no real emotion in these parents. They also don’t evoke any emotion from us observers. REAL events can be felt as well as witnessed. You can feel when someone is speaking from their heart, and you can see when someone is speaking through a forked tongue. These are liars speaking, why they’re lying is the question we should be looking to answer.

  14. rpsabq

    lol.. yes the entire town was in on it. Check out public records for Newtown Dec. 25th 2011. EVERY FUCKIN HOUSE WAS PAID OFF. WAKE UP!!

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