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Henry Makow asserts in his article that porn represents a 12 billion dollar industry in the United States. He offers the opinion that the Illuminati subsidizes porn to enslave the minds and souls of millions. Debt, false flags, and mind control are three interests of the Illuminati. Mind control seems to me to be the most relevant for the Illuminati.


Porn can seem very attractive, and can be so intoxicating (I use that word purposely) that it can be similar to drinking alcohol. It tastes so good that you want more. Most people do not look like the porn actors. It used to be that the men in porn were not nearly as attractive as the women. Nowadays the men are very attractive physically and people are no longer forced to wonder why women would even have sex with these men. Of course, it is still commonly believed that men and women who do porn, especially women, are addicted to drugs or so far into debt that they are pretty much forced into doing porn. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Some women are forced, some voluntarily do it for things like money (female porn actors are paid far more than male actors), and others do it for the sheer enjoyment of having sex with some of these male actors.


Makow describes the Illuminati as being a sex cult, based on Cabala or Kabala. Remember, that cabal means conspiracy, which obviously suggests something nefarious. Makow points out that anonymous sex is degrading for any of the participants, regardless of whether they are male or female.


He also discusses sexual liberation in his article. Homosexuality is now seen by many as normal, and increasingly women are attaching just as much important to sex as men. According to Makow, sex undermines marriage and family units. Obviously, if someone commits adultery they are hurting themselves, their spouse, their children they might have, etc.


Something occurred to me when I was reading this article. One reason why porn might be bad is for the actors themselves. It might be hard to have a normal sex life if you are always having sex as a part of your work and livelihood.


However, there is a certain amount of hypocrisy that I see in this article. For example, Makow says that women are becoming unworthy because of the wanton way they dress, etc. And he says that as a result they are making themselves unfit for message. But what about the men? A very strong double standard here.


It is true that there are a lot of people who enjoy sex for the sake of sex. They like the thought of having sex with no strings, and no emotional games. I have noticed, however, throughout my life, that the people who are most addicted to sex are often the nicest people. A high sex drive could merely mean that someone is engaged with other people and really wants to connect. I agree with some of what Makow says but my personal belief is also that it would be unnatural and unrealistic for a young man not to have a lot of sex. The religious people I have known who do not believe in sex before marriage have seemed very repressed and unkind to me. They for some reason do not seem to care about people. So it is possible that being obsessed with sex is not necessarily a bad thing. Think of all of the women who trick their husbands into marrying them, only to deny them sex later, especially when the children come. What is a man to do? And sometimes a happy, healthy relationship can begin because of a mutual desire for a lot of sex. The world is not black and white. Sex is not necessarily a bad thing, even outside of marriage, in my opinion. Of course, the ideal if for sex to happen within a marriage. But what if a person cannot get married through no fault of their own? Are they doomed to a life of celibacy? From God’s perspective, the answer might very well be yes to that particular question, but there is a difference between what is ideal in this very difficult world to live in, and what is real. I think a lot of people are addicted to sex and/or porn because it represents no emotional turmoil, no rejection. People in porn do not get rejected. Someone makes a move, and if even there is initial hesitation because the man is married or whatever, eventually the clothes come off. A lot of people wish the world was that simple. And often the people who cry the most about things like adultery are the people who are unfriendly, and unkind. And it seems to me that unkindness does a lot more harm in the world that porn does.




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  1. Sara

    Vital Facts:

    1) The “Illuminati” base their belief system, their rituals, and the technology they use to control humanity primarily on extremely perverse deviant sex.

    2) The “Illuminati” have been actively promoting deviant sexual behavior of all types for centuries, but have accelerated their manipulation of society rapidly in recent years. In 2013 sexual perversion of all kinds is ubiquitous in every society because of the diligent work of the “Illuminated”. The “Extreme Perversion Normalization Initiative” (EPNI) has thousands of employees dedicated to nothing but creating and spreading perverse sexual ideas and images through society – images such as we see above.

    3) Through hidden signals in popular media such as music, television, movies, video games, and pornography – EPNI has “pre-programmed” tens of millions of unsuspecting people with Monarch programming. With this pre-programming, traditional Monarch sex puppet training that would have required years of childhood trauma in decades ago can now be accomplished remotely – simply by having the subject view enough media encoded with hidden Monarch signals over a long enough period of time.

    4) Once a subject has had sufficient exposure to pre-programming signals – the “Illuminati” are able to remotely activate this programming and seize total control of the subject’s body at any time. Once activated, these unfortunate subjects become remote controlled Monarch Sex Puppets who are then used for every sort of deviant sexual and criminal purpose imaginable.

    5) Many people reading this are likely already completely infected with EPNI Monarch Programming and are already being used as Monarch Sex Puppets without their knowledge. The “Illuminati” wipe all memory of Puppet Time at the end of each session and often the only signs that a person has been being used as a amnesiac sex slave puppet are the evidence of lost time, unexplained bruises or ligature marks, unexplained bodily fluids, and a general sense of exhaustion.

    6) “Illuminati” disinformation agents promote the idea that only a handful of people are actual Monarch Sex Slaves and that such programming requires extensive intervention beginning with childhood trauma. However high technology decades in advance of what humanity believes is current permit the Illuminati to program tens of millions of people reading this as Monarch Sex Slaves over the Internet.

    “Illuminati” sex is always perverse – it always promotess BDSM, group sex, bisexuality, and other types of deviance. Illuminati perversions echo through popular culture:Bloodplay, Accident Fetishism popularized by “Illuminated” writers such as J.G. Ballard, Gunplay….The promotion of the Bonobo lifestyle of hedonistic group sex….Semen divination and mind control through sementic technologies cannot be understated. Semenancy is everything to Them. The list goes on and on…..

    Illuminati Group sex is always performed on many sex drugs.

    There are two keys to understanding any of this that most researchers overlook or misunderstand. Firstly, deviant sex magick is at the heart of “Illuminati” ritual and is also one of the key means by which they control unsuspecting minds and take control of unsuspecting bodies for sex puppetry. Secondly, the “Illuminati” are taunting humanity constantly (or “scene-ing” humanity to use their BDSM terminology) through obvious references to these very secret and perverse ritual practices they so adore. This taunting serves three ends: it is part of their great mind sex magick ritual in and of itself, it is one of the primary ways they agitate and destabilize human consciousness to make people more susceptible to mind control, and it is one of the ways through which they spread hidden Monarch Sex Puppet Control Codes themselves.

    Check yourselves – Have you lost time? Are you tired? Any unexplained bruises or fluids? You may be being used as a Monarch Sex Puppet to commit acts of perversion on your friends and family. Educate yourselves before it is too late!

    • Jaclyn Holland-Strauss

      Thank you so much for taking the time to educate us about this very important issue. When I read your fabulous post, Miley Cyrus came to mind, and also the work that Mark Dice does showing the Illuminati puppets in Hollywood. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy my related posts. Is there anything in particular you would like to read about?

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