Is Days of our Lives good right now?

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Days of our Lives is a mixture of good and bad right now. I am liking the Will/Gabi/Chad/Sonny/Nick storyline. It is nice to have guys gossiping about each other, rather than the usual women! Gabi is a great heroine. She has done really awful things but is still somewhat sympathetic. If I were related to Rafe, I would probably act out against society as well! The rest of them are in Salem. Rafe is in Sufferable. He is so self-righteous. I much preferred fake Rafe. Galen Gering’s acting skills are never better than when he plays two characters. He was also great portraying faux Luis on Passions. I particularly liked today when Chad told Sonny what Gabi did to Melanie. She really did something awful and should not be getting a pass for it, pregnant or not. It’s a good umbrella story, the kind that soap operas tell so well because it is the only genre where multiple perspectives can be displayed. I can see all 5 of these characters’ viewpoints even if I sympathize more with some than others.


I love Alison Sweeney but I think I would enjoy a Sami storyline after all this time more if she were a supporting character in it temporarily. Imagine if Lucas and Sami were in a storyline, for example, and the focus was on Lucas. It would give Sami a much-needed break from the sturm und drang (feel free to correct me if I have the spelling wrong; my German is rusty, as in non-existent!), and it would display new elements of her character. I think Nicole would benefit from a similar arrangement. It is not entertaining to watch (admittedly extremely talented) actresses in the same storyline over and over again.


I love the Kristen/John/Marlena/Brady storyline as well. One of my favourite storylines, short-term though it was, in Days history, is the one around ten years ago when Marlena was slowly losing her mind. She even made a snarky comment to Maggie about her drinking. It was interesting to see the mind of a psychiatrist unravelling slowly. This current storyline could run along the same lines. I hope that it goes in that direction. Although I think that Brady and Kristen fell into bed too quickly, I do appreciate the sight of Brady’s chest. I mean, seriously, there’s food, water, sweets, and then Brady’s chest. In that order. Unless I’ve just eaten. Then Brady’s chest moves up quickly to the front. By the way, I think the Chad/Sonny scenes today, good though they were, would be even better if Chad had been shirtless. I think it would have added a new level of richness to the scene. Anyway, I like how Kristen is not obvious about her plans. Kudos, writers! (And Eileen Davidson’s performance, because even if it’s not in the script, she could make the choice to smirk and things like that, but she is wisely not doing so for the most part).


I’m sad that Bo is gone. Bo and Hope are one of my all-time favourite supercouples. I would definitely sacrifice Rafe for Bo. Like in a nanosecond. Although faux Rafe would present me with a dilemma.


Daniel and Jennifer I am over. Completely. Over their whispery angst, over Daniel’s scruffiness, over Jennifer’s self-righteousness. Daniel broke her heart in two, I was told. Why can’t he break her self-righteousness in two? I love Melissa Reeves, though.


So all in all, although there are some things I would change, but if you’re looking for a good soap right now, check this one out!

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