Mass shooting in Portland, Oregon: Illuminati behind it for the purpose of implementing martial law?

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Unfortunately, there has been another mass shooting in the United States. This time, it took place in a mall in Portland, Oregon. According to a Time article, which can be found at, the perpretator wore a mask, body armour, and camouflage so that he could not be identified. After killing two victims, the gunman killed himself. We do not know the motive yet; as far as we know, it was a random shooting.


The weapon used was apparently an assault rifle. This situation of course brings up the 2nd amendment issue that comes up in the United States every time something like this happens. Such shootings occur with depressing frequency. The 2nd amendment reads as follows: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” There has always been controversy over whether this applies to the individual right or the group right. Militia suggests group, but people suggests individual. So there is ambiguity in the amendment.


I am very interested in the subject of the Illuminati. I think that issue is relevant here, because if elements of the government are part of a conspiracy to control people in a way that works against the people, then being armed is even more necessary for the general population. Conspiracy theorists have long said that whenever a mass shooting like this occurs, the population becomes upset, stricter regulations for guns are encouraged, and martial law, where the government controls the people, can be implemented far easier. However, many people said that would happen when the Patriot Act was instituted after September 11, 2001. And that did not happen. What do you think? Are conspiracy theorists merely fantasizing, or are these killing sprees have more behind them than individual lunacy?


One way of looking at it is that cars can be weapons if driven by inexperienced people. So there is something called a driver’s license. To be able to operate a firearm, because of the inherent danger, should require jumping through some hoops, in order to protect potential victims. I think that people should be allowed to buy guns, but for more sophisticated weapons like assault rifles, there should definitely be a background check done, as well as psychiatric evaluation documents. The main problem for these mass shootings is the type of gun that can fire repeatedly within a very small amount of time. A normal gun cannot do this, but a weapon like an assault rifle can. I don’t know much about guns, but I think this is true. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!




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      Thank you for mentioning my blog article on your website. I have to say, your pointing out the similarities between the woman at the Batman trial, and the Sandy Hook griever is very, VERY interesting. This is the first thing that’s made me stop and go…hmmm….

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