Should girls ask guys out on dates? No!

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When I was at Ricks College, I experienced something new. It was called Morp, which is Prom backwards. The reason they spell it backwards is because of the fact that for this one time, girls ask guys to the dance, rather than the other way around. Is this a good idea? I think it’s fun but I don’t think girls should ask guys out in general. But for special occasions like this it’s ok.


Why do I think girls in general shouldn’t ask guys? A saying I use sometimes is the sperm cases the ovum; the ovum does not chase the sperm. It is simple biology. If a girl wants a serious relationship with a guy she would be unwise to discount biology. Men like to feel that they have come up with an idea themselves. They like to do the chasing. It’s not something they think about; it just is that way, due to biological factors. A girl could ask a guy out to a dance like Morp, but after they go on that date, it would not be appropriate for the girl to ask him out again. He knows she is obviously interested. If he returns the feelings, then he will ask her out. She can show her interest in other ways.


It can be humiliating if a girl asks a guy out who is better looking than she is. If she is not that attractive, then she puts the guy in an awkward position. The other way around does not matter because girls do not care as much about a guy’s looks as a guy cares about a girl’s looks. And guys are very sensitive about hurting a woman’s feelings, whereas usually a girl is not as sensitive about hurting a man’s feelings. Imagine if a guy feels like he has to say yes to the girl’s invitation to a dance or another kind of date. If he says yes, the woman is going to take that as a sign that he is interested in her, because otherwise why would he say yes? Women are very rational and logical. We are very organized in our thoughts. Then if the guy has to let her down later, it will just be a bad situation for everyone and the girl, probably already insecure, especially if she is not that attractive physically, will become even more self-conscious and that will interfere possibly with the health of her future relationships.  

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