Mike Cernovich removes Baked Alaska from Deploraball

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Whenever people fight, regardless of what the subject is, the best option is to show how each participant is right to a certain degree. Normally, I discuss issues like the differences between extreme Muslims and non-Muslims, stuff like that. But today I’d like to discuss the current alt-right controversy involving Mike Cernovich, Roosh, and Baked Alaska.

Roosh says that Baked Alaska is becoming red-pilled. He is saying that Jewish people control 95% of the news, etc. This is where the controversy began. Roosh made the excellent point that Mike did not give Tim (Baked Alaska) a chance to save face. Tim has begun to say very incendiary things about the Jewish people as a whole. Roosh was very emotionally intelligent in that he showed both sides of the debate. According to him, Mike should have given Tim the chance to remove himself from Deploraball with dignity.

Tim went public by showing screenshots of Mike Cernovich’s private DM conversation which told Tim not to bring up the Jewish question. And that Cernovich was giving Tim an ultimatum.

Mike is an alpha male. I am not an apologist for Cernovich. On his website, dangerandplay.com, he has written many questionable things about his sexual relationships with women. And he can be, as he himself admits, vindictive. Although this is just a theory I have, Mike is behaving exactly as Trump would handle a similar contretemps.

Roosh differentiates between a brand and a movement. Mobs are inherently unstable, and cannot be controlled. In other words, when some people did a Nazi salute at one of Richard Spencer’s events, this is an example of a mob being uncontrollable. When Cernovich says not to do stuff like this because it makes the movement look bad, he is acting against the mob. There are different branches of the alt-right which now have competing goals, and that is going probably to lead to the end of the movement as it is currently arranged. That is why the movement has broken down into the alt-right and the alt-light.

Cernovich’s most excellent point is that he is only losing followers who appear to be offended by every Jewish person who ever lived. He very reasonably points out that if someone is dumb enough to want to exterminate an entire race, then it is no real loss to have them unfollow you on Twitter. In fact, their presence in your digital realm can very much hurt your brand in the eyes of reasonable and sane people.

Baked Alaska has also contributed to the logic of the discussion. Cernovich originally just said that Tim was not attending the ball, and that Mike wished him well. Then Tim released the screenshots (not Mike). This substantially escalated the controversy. This can’t be blamed on Cernovich. However, since then, Cernovich has made very serious claims against Tim. I want to point out that whatever Cernovich does, he always goes about it in an extremely clever way. He never said in his Periscope that Tim is the person to whom he was referring. He implied it, only, which legally protects him. After all, he is (was?) a lawyer. However, Mike did make certain charges directly against Tim, like he has a credit score of 500 and that his mother pays his rent. This has nothing to do with the Deploraball, Jewish people, etc., so I think this was unfair for Mike to bring up. Tim’s removal from the Deploraball had nothing to do with a morals clause violation, or anything like that. In fact, Tim says he and Mike have never had a single contract. I also don’t understand why Tim couldn’t attend the party he had such a hand in creating. Surely removing him from the committee would be enough to make a point?

Overall, it is a shame that this has escalated to such a degree. Both participants are at fault, and both have right on their side in certain areas. My overall impression is that Tim needs to be a bit more professional in how he conducts his business, and Mike needs to be less vindictive when reacting what he perceives as someone’s disloyalty. In fact, both men could learn something from Roosh, who reacted to the controversy with a good deal of emotional intelligence.

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