Obamacare, the government shutdown, and the Illuminati

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According to this website, Obamacare is little more than a Fascist, socialist scam. The only people who will benefit majorly from this legislation are the ones who run the big companies, including and especially the large pharmaceutical companies. You know, the companies that have the cure for cancer but don’t reveal it because they know it will mean a drastic cut in their profits? Yeah, those guys. By the way, there won’t be any restrictions on how much health care plans can charge.


But what is the connection to the Illuminati? Here it is. The coverage of Obamacare will include surveillance of the American people. No revealing of personal information, no willingness to be monitored, then no coverage. We’re not just talking about name and address here, your very DNA will be recorded on this type of smart card that was turned down by Congress a few years ago. Obamacare will decide how much doctors earn. Not only that, but it will be dictated to them (I use that word consciously) how much equipment they can have in their offices, etc. Fascism is all about total control.


And the reason Fascism is against the traditional American way is because America, according to the Founding Fathers, was all about freedom of choice. Freedom of the press, of religion, of everything that most human beings hold dear.


My own thought on all of this is that it’s funny how so many liberals and other Obama supporters scream about people having the rights to their own bodies, but I guess it’s only when it has to do with abortion. When it’s a small child, then it’s ok to trample over someone’s rights. But if it’s an adult who has worked his or her whole life to try to arrange a comfortable retirement for themselves with enough money to take care of any health needs that they might have, then it’s another question. There will be no rights when Obamacare is fully implemented. Fortunately, the House of Representatives are not backing down. According to the Constitution, they have the right to restrict spending on a certain item. That is within their jurisdiction. The truth of the matter of the government shutdown is that the Republicans okayed all spending necessary to run the government, except the funding of Obamacare. Again, that is their constitutional right. But the Democrats, under Obama, are like little kids who will not engage in a responsible way. They basically take their toys and go home.


Source: http://endofwesternciv.blogspot.ca/2012/06/obamacare-rabbit-hole.html

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