Is Pope Lucifer Francis part of the Illuminati?

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The Pope, it has been charged by, is part of the international organization of the Illuminati. Part of this is because of the child sex abuse scandals that have plagued the Catholic church for many years. There’s nothing worse than sexually and/or violently abusing a child. It’s possible that people who inflict such harm will be forgiven by God in the next life. Perhaps their genes or chromosomes are arranged in some way that they are not responsible or accountable for their actions, although I don’t know how likely that scenario is.


Last night, I actually cried quite intensely, due to seeing a meme with a child on it with the words, “I’m gonna tell God what you’ve done,” or something close to those words. I later read that it was a hoax. I’m not sure, to be honest. But even if not true, I agree with the underlying message that those who hurt kids in this life will be accountable. It pains me horribly to think otherwise. Think of an innocent child, and then think about that human being hurt in any way, especially in such a violent fashion. It doesn’t bear thinking about. I like the idea of even such people being forgiven when I look at the bigger picture. But I do not hold out a lot of hope. The words of the child really moved me, because it made things very simple. And that’s the joy of children. There is none of this endless equivocating, excusing, nuance, etc. I’m guilty of it myself, because I tend to see both sides of issues. I don’t know if that makes me emotionally intelligent or merely a fence sitter. Hopefully, it’s the former.


Anyway, back to the Pope. I have my own experience with abusive religious figures. Everything I have seen about this Pope suggests that he is a warm, kind human being. One of his policies with which I fervently agree is his acceptance of immigrants. Remember, Jesus said that if you do it to the least of His children, you do it to Him. Of course, maybe an ISIS fighter will be mixed in with the tens of thousands of sincere migrants, but we need to take that chance. After all, ISIS is funded by the United States, anyway; it’s not like it’s an external threat. We also need to remember that the American government currently funds Planned Parenthood, an organization which is now notorious for administering violent abortions. I really don’t see the difference between what ISIS is doing and what Planned Parenthood is doing, except that PP’s victims are innocent children. Or at least have the potential of becoming children. And that’s good enough for me. They are morally equivalent in my book, beheading people and aborting them. In fact, I can defend ISIS more than I can PP for the simple reason that ISIS at least has a religious rationale for what it does. PP doesn’t even admit to what it is doing.


Now, the Pope and the Illuminati. According to the Now the End Begins article which I cited at the beginning of this article, when the Pope spoke before Congress, he did not open or close with prayer. He showed the classic hand sign of the Illuminati. He focused on social justice to the exclusion of mentioning Jesus Christ, the King of social justice. He mentioned how evil money is.


I should note that there are a lot of different meanings of certain hand signs. And the fact that Pope’s name is Lucifer means only a reference to the Morning Light, as far as I know. I personally think that the reason why the Pope does not mention Christ is because he wants to be inclusive for those listening to him who are not Christians. As the article says, he welcomes illegal immigration, in the name of social justice.


This article comes down hard on the Catholic Church, and the Pope, for excusing the child sex abuse that has gone on for far too long. However, there is something to be said for the idea of forgiveness. Jesus said, Forgive seventy times seven. So it is incumbent upon us to forgive. And similarly to how free speech protects speech we don’t agree with, we should forgive those who disgust us. Don’t let them near the children, obviously, but forgive them. There but for the grace of God go I, after all. We all need to forgive more, and judge less.



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